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Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards Online Payment

The Standard Chartered Bank operates and manages a highly sophisticated online payment facility. The bank offers StanChart payment options to its customers. It also runs the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on its websites. This ensures that the user information is safe and uncompromised.

StandChart Payment: Procedure

The StanChart payment procedure is simple. To make online payment on your Standard Chartered Bank credit card, log in to your local Standard Chartered website. A first time user must create a user ID.

The steps are:

  • Enter your 16 digit card number in the Username area and the 6 digit PIN in the Password segment. Once, you ve filled these details click on the login button.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and then, accept it.
  • Fill in your username and password.

On getting your user ID, make immediate payments on your StanChart credit card. You can also select scheduled payment or future transfer mode. For this, click on the Card Payment option under Card Services.

Select the credit card that you wish to pay and provide information:

Details of your debiting account

Requisite payment amount.

Preferred modes of payment

Finally, click on submit to advance your Standard Chartered credit card payment. Once this is done, wait for a confirmation message from Standard Chartered. The message will offer thanks to you for the payment.

Standard Chartered Bank Online Account: Benefits

Creating an online Standard Chartered account offers a multitude of benefits such as easy StanChart payment option. Other benefits are:

  • Credit card balance inquiry.
  • A credit card statement.
  • Application for add-on cards.
  • Request for credit limit increase.
  • Balance transfer.
  • Credit card upgrade.

Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards Online Payment: Important Considerations

The Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards Online Payment has the following limitations:

  • Credit account updates: On completing an online payment, your credit account will be updated only on the next working day.
  • System requirements: Your system must have a minimum hardware and software configuration to make the online StanChart payment. This includes having a minimum 32MB RAM, modem over 56 kbps and a processor higher than 166MHz. Moreover, the website is optimized for a monitor resolution of 800*600.
  • Transaction history: You can view only the last 3 billing statements of your credit card account.

Overall, the StanChart payment procedure is flexible and easy to use. It is preferred over manual payment.

You can find out more about Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards Online Payment at the website. Standard Chartered Credit card is a brand owned by Standard Chartered Bank.

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