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The 5 reasons you should let the Government pay for your Solar Power System in Ontario

What if I told you that you could do your part to help save the planet, with no hassles, without any investment at all and you could make some money all at the same time. Would you be interested?

If you are, you can get the government to pay for your entire Solar Power Systems for the the simple reason that The Ontario Government wants you to put Solar Panels on your roof.

That s right, youwon t have to pay a dime to install Solar Panels on you roof and those panels will start paying you for the energy they produce right away.

This Government program will cover:

  1. The cost for all the aproval process
  2. The costs of the Solar Panels
  3. The costs to install the Solar Panels
  4. The costs to maintain the Solar Panels
  5. The costs to insure the Solar Panels and your roof

With No risk No hassle No investment terms

PLUS the Government pays you for the energy produced at a fixed rate for the next 20 years

You should be because not all homes or buildings are eligible for the government F.I.T Program.

So how do you find out if your building can apply for the Government F.I.T. Program? You can apply for the F.I.T Program yourself. You can organize the approval from your local power supplier, and you can hire an engineer to inspect your roof to get extended coverage from your insurance company. Or you could let us find out for you with our

No Cost No Obligation Hassle Free
Free Solar Power Assessment Today

The Solar Power Assessment is the first step to see if your home or building is a pplicable for Solar Panels and the Ontario F.I.T. Program.

The Solar Power Assessment –

  1. Is Free
  2. We do all the work
  3. There is no obligation to continue with the program
  4. The assessment will show where the panels will be located and the power generated
  5. Will show you how much investing in your own Solar Power System will cost and the break even point in years
  6. Will show you how much it will cost you when you let the government pay for it – Here is a hint. the answer is zero.
  7. Will show you how much income your Solar Panels with produce for your homeor your local charity!

Apply for your Free Solar Power Assessment but hurry over 10,000 home owners have already applied and the program may end soon!

Government Funded Solar Power in Ontario

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