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A small but growing number of entrepreneurs are taking part in a sort of test run as officials in nearly a dozen states make it possible for resident entrepreneurs to secure financing from everyday local investors, also known as “equity crowdfunding.”

Some small-business owners say they now see a possible solution to the problem of rising wages: replacing workers with new and cheaper technologies.

The small startup 29th Street Publishing is quietly trying to revolutionize magazine publishing, one app at a time.

Some small-business owners and entrepreneurs who have ideas for apps but don’t have technology skills are turning to online tools and crash courses in computer coding so they can produce what they want.

While going public generates lots of cash for emerging firms, new research suggests a public offering can also stunt innovation.

Mobile-payment devices and other technologies are making it easier for business owners to turn sales into working capital overnight.

Some “angel” investors are searching for promising startups through funding websites, without ever meeting or even talking to the entrepreneurs involved.

New York’s burgeoning technology sector wants to flex its newfound political muscle in this year’s mayoral race, the first since digital companies coalesced in the city.

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StellaService, a startup that measures customer satisfaction with online shopping, raised a $15 million round of funding.

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The market for services that match up tech founders has grown in recent years as Silicon Valley start-ups have proliferated and investors have increasingly scrutinized founding teams.

With cybercriminals a greater threat to small businesses than ever before, more entrepreneurs are left asking themselves who is to blame for hacking attacks that drain their business accounts.

Google changed its search algorithm last month, seeking to downplay sites it suspects of artificially boosting their rankings. Now some small businesses say they are scrambling to avoid being relegated to the Internet’s junk bin.

Today’s tech entrepreneurs often cycle quickly through different ideas until they find one that sticks, and the ‘pivoting’ is paying off.

Yes, says Kevin Wilson, because it promises new choices and innovation. No, says Douglas J. Wood, because it will mean expenses for businesses and confusion for customers.

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