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” Save time. Save money. What’s not to love about our free online inventory system! “

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Online Inventory Management

Introducing Stockpile from Canvus Applications

Stockpile is a free online inventory system for small business and at home uses. Create an account for free and check it out for yourself! We think you’ll agree Stockpile has tons of useful features: add inventory, take returns, record sales and damaged goods. Manage users via a tiered access model while you administer locations, physical areas/shelves, manufacturers and preferences. And get valuable information about inventory turnover through our reporting module. Stockpile is the only free online inventory system that won’t limit the number of items, locations and users you need to run your small business. There’s a reason thousands of global and local businesses have made Stockpile their choice for online inventory management.

Why Stockpile?

A few reasons come to mind.

Inventory made easy!

In addition to Stockpile’s feature set, there are many reasons to use our inventory tool, including but not limited to: it’s free, it saves you time, it makes next time easier, it ensures you don’t lose your written list, and we add features and enhancements all the time.

Who uses Stockpile?

Thousands of small businesses count on Stockpile for inventory management

The Facts

accessible anywhere
always available
forever free
unlimited users
unlimited items
unlimited locations
unmatched free support

” It’s easy. It’s free. And excellent support, if you even need it, is a guarantee! “

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