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Get to Know the Issues

Learn more about the short-term rental marketplace and the benefits of fair and reasonable local regulations in communities across the country.

April 1, 2015

Short Term Rental Advocacy Group Launches in Charlottesville

The Short Term Rental Advocacy Center helps local Virginia advocates launch The Virginia Short Term Lodging Association to protect the rights of short term rental property owners. Continue Reading

March 17, 2015

San Diego Takes Important Step Forward on Smart Short Term Rental Regulations

The Short Term Rental Advocacy Center released a statement lending its strong support to recent efforts led by Diego City Councilmember Chris Cate to bring smart and effective rental regulations to the city. Continue Reading

March 16, 2015

Poll Finds Majority of Boulder Residents Support Short Term Rentals

A new survey from STRAC found a staggering 59% of residents believe traditional short-term rentals are an important part of Boulder’s local economy. Continue Reading

February 25, 2015

Nashville Approves Positive New Short Term Rental Ordinances

Over the last decade, short-term rentals have become a vital part of Nashville’s travel and tourism economy as families, business travelers, and music lovers alike flock to the city and its unique atmosphere. As short-term rentals solidified themselves as a valuable contributors to the local economy, local regulations failed to keep up. That is, until last night. Continue Reading

February 22, 2015

READ: Mountain towns learn to love — and regulate — short-term rentals

Crested Butte is one of the 10 fastest-growing markets in the nation for short-term rentals, according to HomeAway, the online Goliath in the vacation rental market. But nearly every other high-country town in the West is contending for that title, as a surge of property owners convert their homes into vacation destinations for the growing number of tourists seeking something more than a hotel room. Continue Reading

February 4, 2015

Portland: City, short-term rental hosts face off

A showdown is looming between the city of Portland and companies like Airbnb that promote short-term rentals in local residents’ homes. The Short Term Rental Advocacy Center, a new group that lobbies for Airbnb, HomeAway and FlipKey, issued a sharply critical statement. Continue Reading

December 18, 2014

NEWS: Group Pushes Back on Portland s Plan to Toughen Short-Term Rental Rules

In a letter to City Council, the lobbying group centers its ire mainly on a Revenue Bureau proposal to force short-term rental companies to collect taxes and report transactions to the city. Continue Reading

November 10, 2014

LISTEN: STRAC Discusses Smart Regulations in the “Big Easy”

STRAC joined New Orleans WWL AM870 host Garland Robinette’s “The Think Tank” radio program to discuss the importance of smart regulations on short-term rentals in New Orleans. Short-term rentals are an important part of New Orleans’ vibrant economy. Any new regulations should be easy to locate, understand, and comply with. Continue Reading

October 30, 2014

STUDY: Short-term Rentals are Vital to Galveston Economy

A recent study commissioned by The Short Term Rental Owners Association of Galveston (STROAG) found that STRs had a tremendous impact on the local Galveston economy. Continue Reading

October 7, 2014

Letter to Editor: Short-term rentals good for San Francisco

The Short Term Rental Advocacy Center recently placed an opinion piece in The San Francisco Examiner on the importance of all short-term rentals to the Golden Gate economy. Continue Reading

Studies Find STRs Boost Jobs And Local Economies

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