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PSDP celebrates 5th anniversary with gifts to the community

July 18th, 2017 marks the fifth year since PSDP s humble beginning. We re all celebrating and you get the presents! We ve just released two sets of media for you to enjoy.

We launched a Youtube channel and posted a new video, Out to lunch with service dog teams . Be sure to subscribe so you don t miss any updates!

Following this up, we posted a curated collection of the many pictures and videos from our 2017 Convention. Relive the memories or experience the fun and transformation for the first time.

Our wonderful community earned us a 2017 Top-Rated award from GreatNonprofits. This is the third consecutive year we ve won this award, and we re proud of our PSDP family for supporting the group and each other as we strive to make lives better.

We had a blast in April at our 2017 convention. Start saving for your trip to Solvang, California for our 2018 Convention next April!

How should a service dog behave in public? PSDP s 2017 public access test can help you evaluate your dog, while our 2017 public access standard provides detailed guidance about behavior expectations for the working life of a service dog.

We can t expect U.S. Supreme Court judges to be experts on service dogs, so in August of 2016 PSDP helped out in a case by educating the highest court in the land. PSDP has provided an expert witness in past cases, but this time our brief significantly improved how future cases will be decided. The highest court s February 2017 report is broadly and substantially harmonious with the arguments PSDP provided.

Month s most-viewed pages…

Work and Task List

This service dog task list details work and task items for psychiatric service dogs. Such a psychiatric service dog task list shows the wide range of services a psychiatric service dog may offer, and can help current and future psychiatric service dog users decide what your dog can do to help!

A printable (pdf) version of this list is available as well:

This list is not intended to be comprehensive or definitive as a service dog task list, but is merely a guide regarding what a service might be trained to do for someone with a psychiatric disability. Each individual has different needs that might be fulfilled in a variety of ways, and each dog has its unique capabilities and challenges.

Many behavior types are listed as Work or task because their instances can be cued either by intentional commands (with tasks) or non-intentionally by something else in the environment or person s body (with work). Theoretically, whether an assistance occurrence is work or is a task could be unclear; see PSDP s work and task articles for more information. Regardless of the work/task distinction, what actually matters is the person is getting needed assistance for their disability.

If your viewing window/screen is not wide enough, the table items will appear stacked. Please consult the pdf version of the Work and Task List if you cannot stretch your browser to the point at which three separate columns appear.

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