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Sep 7 2017

Sell My Car For Cash #hybrid #car

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Sell My Car Now!

Firm Price Valuation – No Cost

Complete your free car valuation for a real person to individually evaluate your vehicle and offer you a firm price for your car.

This is a completely free service to you – no cost and no obligation.

Our national buying team will contact you shortly after you submit your valuation to discuss your vehicle further.

How much do I insure it for?

Will it be a good investment?

Why Choose The Car Buyers

Unlike other valuation tools out there, our online car valuation is conducted by a real person who will provide you with a far more accurate appraisal of your vehicle. Due to the nature of the valuation, it may take several days for the valuers to complete their appraisal.

The Car Buyers use National Data collected from the real vehicle sales values among our Australia Wide network as part of this assessment.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of us.

While we spend the time to look at your vehicle, feel free to log in and view your valuation at any time via our account management section of the website.

Here you can get an up-to-date status of your valuation, change any details about you or your vehicle and create new advertisements to be displayed on The Car Buyers website.

Car valuations for every purpose.

At The Car Buyers we understand that everybody has a different reason for asking “what is my car worth?”. Some just want cash for their car today while some of you would like to know the used car values before you go shopping for a new car and attempting to trade in your old car.

We can value your car for insurance purposes or just provide a used car valuation so you know how much to ask if you do sell.

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