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bachelor of science in nursing for rns (RN-BSN) (ONLINE PROGRAM)

The department offers a flexible admission policy for RNs who hold an associate’s degree or diploma, and who desire a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Students are provided with individualized attention as they proceed through the nursing program. The program takes into account the rich background of experience of the RN in terms of both clinical and classroom settings.

dual admissions agreement

The Dual Admissions Agreement is for students enrolled in a Connecticut Community College Nursing Program (CT-CCNP) who identify interest in earning the B.S. degree in Nursing at Southern Connecticut State University. Students MUST indicate their intention to pursue the RN to BSN program upon admissions to the community college nursing program in the CT-CCNP. Dual Admissions students will enjoy several benefits that include: guaranteed enrollment in the B.S. Nursing program at SCSU pending completion of the A.S. degree, consistent and integrated academic advisement and support, access to SCSU student activities and campus facilities, a smooth transition from the CT-CCNP to Southern CT State University, and more.


Admission to the RN-BSN program for those currently enrolled in an RN associates or diploma program is a two step process seen below.

Step One: Those interested in applying to the RN-BSN program, must first apply and be admitted to university through the undergraduate admissions office. Once admitted, “Next Step” instructions will be given, which would include information on meeting with the prenursing advisor.

Step Two: Those who have been admitted to the university and have received advisement will either submit an RN-BSN application by the application deadline listed below or enroll in any remaining program prerequisite courses and/or university requirements.

Fall 2017 Entrance: University application due by April 1st, 2017; Nursing application due by May 1, 2017
Spring 2018 Entrance: University application due by November 1st, 2017; Nursing application due by December 1, 2017

Nursing application eligibility would include the near completion of the following criteria, which must be met by the start of the program:

  • Completion of all 9 Nursing Prerequisite courses with no less than a C+ in each
  • Conferred Associate’s Degree in Nursing or Diploma in Nursing
  • Minimum CUM GPA of a 2.7, which includes grades from all regionally accredited colleges and universities attended
  • Passed the NCLEX

Transfer of Credits and Prerequisite Course Requirements

Care Across the Continuum for Special Populations

In addition to the Nursing Prerequisite courses, students must also fulfill university requirements within SCSU’s Liberal Education Program (LEP) and meet a minimum of 128 credits to graduate with a BSN degree, 30 of which need to be completed at SCSU. Transfer work may apply to some or all of the following. Please keep in mind that unlike the Nursing Prerequisite courses, the requirements listed below may be taken while enrolled in the nursing courses.

Critical Thinking
Multilingual Communication (Intermediate level)
Technological Fluency
Written Communication (ENG 112 equivalent)
American Experience
Creative Drive
Cultural Expression
Global Awareness
Natural World I: Physical
Conflict and Consensus
Time Place

*LEP requirements for students with previous baccalaureate degrees in another field are waived.

For further information contact the Nursing Department, (203) 392-6495.

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