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Riverside Family Law Attorneys

Riverside Family Law Attorney

Welcome to the Law Office of Christian Schank. Our Riverside Family Law Attorneys combines the finest legal representation with superb customer service. Family Law is a broad area of the law that covers issues such as Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation, Guardianship, Child Support, Spousal Support, and Domestic Violence and Civil Harassment Restraining Orders. We know that issues such as these can be tremendously stressful. We can help. We specialize in reducing our clients’ stress by analyzing their legal issues, creating a winning strategy for them, and working out solutions to their family law problems.

Riverside Family Law Attorneys Divorce

No one wants to go through a divorce. Everyone who gets married plans on a successful marriage. Unfortunately, these things don’t always go as planned. If you are facing a divorce in Riverside County, you will want our help. Our Riverside divorce attorneys are the best at achieving our client’s goals in the divorce process. Do not go attempt to go through a divorce alone. Our experienced divorce attorneys will help you navigate through the complicated maze of divorce in a way that will ultimately save you time, unnecessary stress, and money. Call us today for a free divorce consultation.

Riverside Child Custody Attorneys

As parents, we know that nothing is more important to us than our children. They are the joy of our lives. This is why we take issues of child custody so seriously. If you need helping securing our modifying your custody or visitation of your child you should call us immediately. These matters are serious and should not be taken lightly. Certainly you should never try to handle your own custody case without an attorney. It is critical that you have a Child Custody attorney on your side, who knows the Riverside County Family Law Courts and the Family law Judges, like we do. If you need to secure child custody, call us immediately.

Riverside Restraining Order Attorney

Restraining Orders in Riverside County are Serious Business, that require a skilled restraining order attorney. If you are defending a restraining order you could potentially lose your freedom as well as custody of your children. If you are in need of a restraining order, these can be the key to your safety and the safety of your children. We know how to win restraining order cases. We handle more restraining order cases in California than any other firm, we know. If you need help either filing or defending against a restraining order in Riverside County, Call Us.

Riverside Family Law Lawyer Child Support

If you have a child custody case, then you must also address issues of Child Support. Do not assume that the courts will automatically make a child support order that is fair to you. Child support is an area of the law that must be handled by a skilled Child Support attorney. Our child support lawyers will fight to ensure that your child support order is fair to you, given your specific circumstances. We can analyze your case and make a plan to work out an appropriate Child support arrangement.

When your personal life is in turmoil, a supportive, experienced California family law attorney can help put you at ease and allow you to see the most important issues clearly. You need a Riverside family law attorney who cares deeply about your case, and who can proficiently resolve your family law case in the Riverside courts. We understand that your family law circumstances may be stressful and even frightening. When you choose the Law Offices of Christian Schank and Associates your family law attorney in Riverside is there to help you in any way possible – even if you just need a shoulder to lean on.

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