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Rental Car Age Requirements in Europe

Car rentals in Europe may involve age requirements. (Photo: Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images )

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Renting a car is a convenient way to get around in Europe, but many rental agencies have age requirements. So if you’re aged under 25 or over 70, check the agency’s policy before you confirm your booking.

Minimum Age

Most car agencies specify a minimum age for rentals. Different agencies specify different ages, and even the same agency is likely to have different limits from country to country. The type of vehicle you want to hire might also be a factor. For example, Europcar will only rent vehicles to drivers over 25 in Ireland, while in Denmark the same agency rents economy and compact cars to 23-year-olds. But you must be 26 to rent intermediate or standard vehicles and 28 to rent a convertible. Avis rents most vehicles to drivers over 25 in the United Kingdom. To rent cars from the luxury, special or prestige collections you must be at least 30. These differences mean you should ask about any relevant age limits when making your booking.

Young Driver Surcharge

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