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B. Renter

Last Name, First Name/Company Name, Company Number/ and/or Company Representative:

Driver’s Licence or Passport Number (if applicable):…………………………………….


The above parties made contact with each other using the website “”, owned by the company Zi Group SA (collectively, “Zilok”). Zilok, however, is not a party to this contract, either explicitly, or implicitly, and does not provide any services directly or indirectly through this agreement. Zilok does not verify the credentials of the Owners, the Renters, or the quality of the Items for Rent. Therefore, the parties to this agreement accept that they cannot hold Zilok liable, either directly or indirectly, to any loss resulting from making and/or carrying out this agreement.

Article 1. Definitions

“Renter”: The Party who is renting the Item pursuant to this contract.

Article 2. Item

Article 3. Condition of the Item

In the event that guarantees that are provided, turn out to be inaccurate, the Owner forfeits the right to invoke those clauses relating to damage that the Renter has caused to the Item rented, unless the damage in question has no direct link to the inaccuracy of the Owner’s statements.

Article 4. Intention– Lending – Sub-letting

The Renter can neither lend nor sub-let the Item without the Owner’s express written authorization.

The Renter agrees not to use the Item for any illegal purposes or in a manner that is contrary to its intended use, or moral and social standards.

Article 5. Duration of Rental

Article 6. Cost for Rental

For this complete rental contract duration, the Renter pays the Owner a sum of

This sum is payable upon signing of this contract, and must be paid, at the latest, by the beginning of the rental period.

At the end of the contract, in the event that the Item is returned late, the Renter shall pay the Owner a further sum equivalent to 10% of the total cost of the rental, plus the per day cost of renting the Item, for each additional day until the Item is returned.

Except for any condition contrary to Article 11, the rental cost does not include any consumable supplies (for example: ink cartridges, petrol, etc.). The Owner can supply these for the following prices:

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