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Visit the city and beautiful capital of the state of Hidalgo, also known as “The Windy Beauty” due to the strong winds that flow along its treats and forests, and fields that surrounds the cities. Pachuca is visited for its nature with cool, clean air and sunny weather, making it the perfect destination for foreigners all year round.

You can begin your tour around the city by visiting the former Monastery and Temple of Saint Francis, such building was built between 1596 1660, it has been modified several times with the passing of time, like on the XVIII century when transepts, sacristy and anti-sacristy were added or before it was blown in 1924. Nowadays it offers exhibition rooms where you can gaze at several oil paintings from the XVIII century.

You can also spend quality time with your children in the TuZoofari, a park that has more than 250 animal species in their natural environment. And about a thousand specimen. Apart from walking and admiring the different species you can take your young ones to a special area where they can pet some of the above mentioned. From time to time this place holds events like the Night Safari or Fut-Safari Friday.

If you want to be in touch with your cultural side visit the National Photograph Museum, even though photographs are not part of our daily life, back then it was considered magic, an activity you could do to appreciate the evolution of art, it was like writing or painting with light. In its exhibition rooms you can find its history, old instruments, and cameras.

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