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At the beginning of the year 2000 RENTA AUTOS , is born. Our company is located in San Rafael Department in the South of Mendoza.

The original address was #380 25 de Mayo Street and at middles of November 2007, we decided to move to address #818 Hip lito Yrigoyen Avenue.

Renta Autos endeavours to garantee an experience on car rental without problems and operates its business according to the highest principles of honesty, confidence and professionalism.

To garantee a car rental experience without problems upon offering safe and comfortable vehicles, as well as special services designed to conquer our clients loyalty.



To accomplish all the commitments we have with our clients and employees

To administrate our business according to the strongest principles of honesty, confidence, professionalism and ethical conduct.

To communicate in a frequent and open form with all the members around us to transmit what we know, when we know it.


To put first all the interests of our clients.

To dedicate us to build a lasting and gratifying relationship with all and each one of our clients.

To constantly look for the maintenance of a high level of uniform quality all over the world that permit us to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and to win their firm loyalty.

Argentine System of Tourist Quality – SACT


To endeavor ourselves in continuous innovation to assure us that we explore new ideas and opportunities that accelerate the profitable growth of our business.

To offer value in all the things we do to guarantee stable and substantial benefits for the shareholders of our parent company, Cendant Corporation.

To recognize and to reward the excellence in performance, which produces superior results.

Responsibility with the community

To actively participate in the communities where we live and work.

To be a corporate example in the countries and communities where we operate.

To develop and to implement practices of business that contribute with the protection of the environment


To work as unified team from the smallest division up to the company in general.

To develop and to conserve the leaders that continuously overcame obstacles, orient their subordinates, eliminate barriers and delegate responsibilities to reach the goals with success.

To promote the exchange of ideas, skills and resources within the whole company.

To respect the structure and hierarchies of the company, without permitting that limits of the organization become an impediment for success.

Respect towards the person

To treat each person we work with showing respect and dignity.

To declare our expectations to the employees and to communicate them opportunely our impressions about their performance.

To accept the diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnic groups and origin of the individuals to improve our promise and the value that we offer to our clients.

To offer opportunities of professional development to the employees that show initiative and good performance, in order to help them, to handle individually their career and to maximize their potential.

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