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We offer a variety of 1-5 bedroom apartments, single family houses and homes for rent or for purchase on contract

Garry has turned 73 and wants to retire. To do this we must sell our houses as they become vacant.

(Occupied houses for sale only to current occupant.)

Prices drastically reduced for quick sale .

We will consider any reasonable offer.

Down payment requirements drastically reduced.

Prices reduced further for larger down payments.


Recently we sold a house to the current tenant. Her rent was $485/month .

We were asking $2,500 down. She paid $3,892 instead. We reduced the price further for the larger down payment. We also extended the number of years, and her payment dropped to only $292/month.

If the house you want is not on our vacancy list, check back. It may be available in the near future.

We have a few fixer-uppers where your repairs can be your down payment.

Multi-family buildings also available for investors.

Don’t let that tax refund get away from you without looking into buying a house on contract. Just think of some day never having to pay rent again.

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