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How the Audio Book CD Rental Service Works.

While most audiobook listeners enjoy the convenience of downloading audiobooks there are some who prefer the simplicity of CD audiobook rentals by mail. Renting audiobooks on CDs is an especially attractive option if your internet connection speed is not quite fast enough to conveniently support larger file downloads. Simply choose your title(s), quickly receive them in the mail, and return them when you’re finished to receive your next available choices. It’s really that simple!

  • Sign up now with Simply Audiobooks, our trusted partner for audiobook CD rentals. Simply Audiobooks has been referred to as The Netflix of Audiobooks and for good reason. They have consistently provided an exemplary audiobook rental experience for scores of satisfied users in the U.S and Canada for many years. Simply Audiobooks conveniently provides 4 different plans to choose from (allowing from 1 to 4 audiobooks out at a time) so there’s a CD audiobook rental plan to suit everyone’s needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Huge library: Choose from over 22,000 CD audiobooks covering every category you can imagine. With more titles added every day you’ll never run out of choices!
  • Economical pricing: Spend as little as $17.98 per month for the 1 rental at a time plan.
  • No due dates: Never again will you have to worry about rushing to return a CD you have rented to avoid a late fee or penalty. Keep your audiobooks as long as you like and return them when you’re ready for your next choices (shipped in order of availability and priority). Just think about it, late fees are now a thing of the past!
  • NO LIMIT to monthly rentals: As soon as you finish your title(s) send them back and you’ll quickly receive your next titles. You’re only limited by how many you can listen to in a month!
  • Free shipping: Never pay shipping again! When you’re finished with your titles simply return them using the conveniently provided postage paid packaging.
  • Cancel anytime: If for any reason you decide that you no longer wish to continue the service you can cancel and receive a refund for the unused portion of your membership.

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