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Anyplace Control – Remote Support Software

Distant assistance over the Internet

If you are help desk specialist or network administrator, you know how hard is to provide on-demand remote support of dummy user, who doesn’t know how to perform a simple action by himself. Instead of real help you need to explain a user how to help you to help him. Sometimes it is even easier to spend 3 hours to drive to customer’s workplace, than to explain where from he/she should download software, how to install and make it work (configure antivirus, router to avoid the remote assistance software blocking), etc.

Thus and so existent tools for distant support should be the simpler the better.

Anyplace Control Software, the leader of remote support software, is glad to announce a remote support knowhow – mainly its user’s part (Host Module). A new customized Host Module that does not require any installation and configuration. A real panacea for helpdesk.

An administrator or help desk specialist, who needs to perform a remote help to his customer may get a customized Host Module on the web-site of Anyplace Control Software. He need just to fill in the form all required parameters (necessary passwords, account name, etc.). After that, a unique link for specially designed Host Module download is generated. Customers, who needs technical support should be provided with that link.

Everything that customer needs to perform is just to click the link to start a download and then to run a small tool (customized Host Module). That is all. Instantly (automatically), customer’s PC appears in IT-specialist’s Address Book. Thus, IT-specialist is able to connect to the customer’s PC, view a remote screen and control it with his own mouse and keyboard. Connection may be established only with a certain of password, which is known only to IT-specialist. During a remote control session, customer will be able to see all actions performed on his PC by a remote specialist. After the end of a remote access session, customer may close a Host Module’s window and remote access becomes impossible till the time, when customer needs help again.

Thanks to this Anyplace Control’s knowhow, all supporters, helpdesk specialists and network administrators get 50% of their support done.

What are the benefits of Anyplace Control?

Simplicity for remote user.
Remote user don’t have to install anything on his PC. He even doesn’t have to know his IP address, open ports on a corporate firewall and configure the router. Anyplace Control takes all compliances on its own, granting the end user with a maximal ease of software usage. Helpdesk specialist just send the link to remote customer (via e-mail or Skype) and that is all.

Time save.
There is no need to be in a long correspondence with a remote user or to phone him and explain how to setup our software on his PC.

Only a person, who had created the link would be able to access the customer’s PC, as that person is the only one, who knows account data and passwords. Unlike mails with attached programs sent via e-mail, the link would not be blocked by spam-filter.

Described solution is provided for FREE. You may not be a registered user to try it. You don’t have even to pay for it. The only condition – you should have an account at Anyplace Control’s server. If you still don’t have it, you may download common Admin Module of Anyplace Control and create a new account during installation.

With Anyplace Control both sides save time – one of the biggest treasures of nowadays. No time to talk only to work. Anyplace Control gives you that chance.

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