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Jul 23 2017

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Bitcoin ATM Debit Card, Perfect Money Card, Webmoney ATM Card is Based in United States, Providing ATM Cards to our customers worldwide. These Cards are Visa and Master Cards connected with specific digital currency to withdraw it. Provides, Bitcoin ATM Visa Debit Card, Bitcoin ATM Master Card, Perfect Money ATM Visa Debit Card, Perfect Money ATM Master Debit Card, Webmoney ATM Visa Debit Card, Webmoney ATM Master Debit Card. it is choice of the customer that they select Visa card or Master. Well, keep in mind this is really amazing product. Rax Debit Card works in India, Asia, Africa, America, Middle East and all over the world. The Price of the card is only $50. This is one time payment. Card will be sent to you by express delivery like Fedex or DHL, Card will be reach to your address with in 3 to 5 days.

This is no name, fully anonymous card. This card can be used for ATM Withdrawal as well as for online Shopping. You can use any name with it. it will work out. This step has been taken to protect privacy of the customer. If you want your name on the card, it is also possible, you can write massage to admin. Come on board with full confidence and order your card now.

Reloadable Bitcoin ATM Debit Visa Card or MasterCard

Fully Featured ATM Card for Bitcoin and Perfect Money

Web Based Control Panel : You will get complete secure and safe web based control panel to manage your card, you can view your statement, spending, change PIN and password, upload funds, transfer money and many more.
Choice of Visa and Master Card : is offering 2 types of card, it is your choice that you want to receive visa or master. The price and functions are same. Both card accepted worldwide.
Wallet Connectivity : Each Card is connected with specific Wallet ID of the Digital Currency. Suppose, you have ordered Bitcoin ATM Card, then it is connected with unique bitcoin wallet address, this payment address is printed on the back of the card. You can send bitcoin on the printed wallet address and money will be shown as balance in the card. In the same way, Perfect Money is connected with specific account ID like U829384, Webmoney is connected with Webmoney Purse like Z8928399340.
No hidden Charges : automatic system is charging very low fee, and every thing is explained on the paper that you will receive with the card. Nothing is hidden in terms of charges and fee.
Verification of Digital Account : This card can be used to verify Paypal account, Payza account, Skrill account and any other digital currency account. will provide you guideline and support in this type of verification process.
Perfect Money ATM Debit Card: Now you withdraw your Perfect Money funds from any ATM near you, Yes, is providing Perfect Money ATM Card that works to cashout funds from your PM Account. It can also be used for online shopping at stores and point of sale.
Bitcoin ATM Debit Card: Bitcoin is crypto Currency and is providing Bitcoin ATM Card that enable you to withdraw your funds form Automated teller machine. Card is connected with specific Bitcoin wallet address.
Webmoney ATM Debit Card: USA bank issued a card that is connected with Webmoney, it is use to withdraw Webmoney funds from Automated teller machine. It is really good US Visa card for Webmoney Users.

Bitcoin ATM Debit Card can be used to withdraw cash from ATM as well as for purchase at shops, websites, service stations, restaurants and other. read more

Perfect Money Funds can be withdrawal from any ATM Machine thus giving you the most convenient, safe, fast and reliable method of redeeming Perfect Money. read more

Webmoney ATM Debit Card is very perfect with its unique features that mostly accepted worldwide as in ATM and to purchase at shops, websites, service. read more

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