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Industry Examples

GLG Toolkit is utilized in a variety of industries that require real-time dynamic graphics and sophisticated user interfaces. The following comprises a small subset of customer applications of the Toolkit in various industries that provides examples of the GLG Toolkit’s power and flexibility.

  • Mission Critical, Defense and Aerospace
  • Industrial Automation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Business Logic and Decision Support

Click here to see an abbreviated list of Generic Logic’s customers.

Command and Control Technologies Corporation
(CCT) is a computer technology company specializing in mission critical automation systems and software tools that enable decision-focused situation awareness. It offers complete C2 solutions, delivering products, engineering expertise, and support for aerospace, industrial, security, and defense applications.

Command and Control Technologies uses the GLG Toolkit as the graphical engine for its Command and Control Toolkit. RangeNet and C3I Surveillance Toolkit products, and utilizes the GLG Map Server for the GIS visualizations.

The CCT’s newest product, C3I Surveillance Toolkit (C3iSTK), provides a Common Operating Picture for tactical surveillance and interdiction. Built with GLG’s GIS and Map Server products, it provides real-time tracking and geo-referencing of targets of interest, as well as provide point and click control and monitoring for a network of sensor systems. With the help of GLG, C3iSTK is configurable with a wide array of maps, imagery, and terrain information, suitable for operation anywhere in the world.

“Command and Control Technologies Corporation selected the GLG Toolkit to be part of our Command and Control Software Product Line because it provides the best overall product value available on the market for real-time dynamic visualization. A rich multi-platform feature-set is what originally attracted us to GLG. But continuous product evolution and improvement, as well as strong technical support, is what has kept our commitment to the GLG product suite intact for over ten years.”

BNF Technology Inc. is a global software company providing optimized solutions for operation and management of process plants. We have provided software solutions of DCS HMI, plant information, predictive analytics, performance and operation monitoring system for process plants since 2000.

With our patented and qualified solutions, we started our business servicing the nuclear power industry. We have expanded it to coal-fired, combined cycle power, seawater desalination and petrochemical plants. We have installed our solutions over 100 sites in Korea, USA, Malaysia and Kuwait. Utilizing our extensive expertise in process and factory automation, we are providing flexible and scalable solutions conforming to the highest quality standards, and at competitive pricing.

We are utilizing the GLG Toolkit to be part of our Monitoring and Control Software Products because of its valuable Graphics Builder and multi-platform support.

With GLG, we can freely make our own library of symbols for individual processindustrycustomers, such as power, oil, gas, water. and deploy them in either desktop or web application to monitor and control production plants via real-time dynamic visualizations.

GLG has been improving month by month to bring more powerful features and strong technical support to us. That’s why we have co-operated with the GLG product over 7 years .

-Hoang Quoc Dung,BNF Technology Inc.

f +p datensysteme delivers solutions for process control systems for the rubber and chemical industry.

The main part of the control system is a process control iPC, which performs data exchange between PLCs and the supervisory database system. Other parts of the system are workstations for recipe handling, mixer program handling, analysis of the recordings, statistical analysis. f+p delivers ThinClient PCs for process visualization, operator panels, barcode printing and registration.

The GLG Toolkit is used as the graphics subsystem for displaying graphics, trends, data tables and alarm lists. The ease of integration of the GLG tools combined with the flexibility of the f+p software bus layout provided maximum benefits for rapid application design.

“We chose the GLG Toolkit because of the following advantages:

  • Excellent object oriented design and configuration
  • Excellent support from Generic Logic.
  • Good performance even on lower end CPUs
  • Flexible scalability and small footprint allows it to run on ThinClient with CompactFlash
  • Cross-platform availability and Web deployment
  • Easy integration with other modules and libraries for a variety of standard languages.”

– Peter Panczyk, f+p datensysteme gmbh

BIS (Baltic Information Systems, Ltd.) is a software company specializing in development of safety and process monitoring systems for Nuclear Power plants.

The BIS’s new product, BISMARC, is a universal process control and monitoring SCADA system that may be configured to fulfill almost any plant monitoring task. It utilizes client/server architecture with TCP/IP-based communication and multi-level redundancy for high reliability, where the server software performs the PLC data acquisition, data processing and archiving, while the client software is responsible for data visualization and handling user interaction. In a distributed system, each node may serve as a server and client simultaneously. BISMARC is currently available on the Linux platform.

The GLG Toolkit is used as the core engine for the graphics subsystem of the client application, the Plant Inspector. HMI drawings created in the GLG Graphics Builder are used as templates which are loaded into the Plant Inspector module at runtime. The Plant Inspector periodically updates trends and control points defined in the drawings with the real-time data values from PLCs. An operator can control plant devices by the means of buttons, toggles, switches, dials and other input objects in the drawings.

“We prefer the GLG Toolkit because of its flexible and powerful development environment, cross-platform design, Unicode and True Type font support, concise API, nice graphics and many other features. An excellent support from the Generic Logic team was invaluably helpful during the development process.”

Operator Interface for the Transportation Subsystem of the Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility. The drawings were designed with the GLG Builder and updated with real-time data from PLCs at run-time.

Operator Interface for the Radioactive Waste Treatment facility shows dynamic Valve Control and Pump Control popup panels used to control devices.

Filip Automation provides software solutions and process control technology for chemical, tire and rubber industries. It also develops custom applications for woodworking machines and shoe making lines.

Filip Automation’s hardware and software architecture is based on industrial PCs with an integrated control system and a central communication server. The HMI and SCADA layer is implemented using the GLG Toolkit. which provides a fast and powerful graphical interface for Filip Automation’s control systems.

“It is very important for our development team to have an open object-oriented graphical system with a wide variety of prebuilt object libraries, a toolkit with an easy localization mechanism for deploying to different countries, as well as a prompt technical support.

Thanks to the flexible and open GLG Toolkit, we can now build graphical interfaces for our software projects very simply and with high working efficiency. Drawings with dynamic and animated graphics are very positively evaluated by our customers.”

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