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Aug 26 2017

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#real estate classes

Our Real Estate School

The American Real Estate Academy was established in 1972 by Theodore J. Vlachos and has helped thousands of students pass the real estate state exam to become licensed real estate sales agents and brokers. For 43 years our real estate school has worked hard to raise the level of quality in real estate education. The results of our efforts have made us a pioneer in our field and the largest real estate school in Massachusetts. In fact, we are the oldest continuously owned and operated school in Massachusetts and one of the oldest in the entire country.

Our Real Estate Classes

We put great care into choosing our instructors. We seek out the best the real estate industry has to offer and can guarantee you, our students, a positive experience while you discover the world of real estate in our classes. Our proven results month after month keep us on track in maintaining high standards. We consistently score higher than the state average on our monthly report by the testing service and we never get tired of hearing from our students who pass the real estate exam on the first try. Many graduates of our school have gone on to very successful careers in real estate, and we are proud to say that we continue to improve our real estate classes every year! As you look toward your future, we hope you consider our school as a source of real estate knowledge, a place to launch your new career in real estate, and a great opportunity for meeting new friends in the real estate field.

Our Mission

American Real Estate Academy strives to offer Massachusetts real estate students and real estate professionals the very best in real estate education.

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