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QlikView Alternatives Competitors Tableau, Spotfire, Microsoft, others

Are you looking for competitive alternatives to QlikView data visualization? QlikView is clearly one of the best data visualization tools available at least from a feature/functionality perspective. QlikView has more features and is more mature than most other tools. It s easy to learn, fast, feature-rich, and flexible to use.

That said, QlikView s cost is well the word expensive comes to mind! And QlikTech s licensing model is customer-challenged to say the least. From our customers, we ve heard various quotes including you ve got to be kidding, no free reader? , It feels like QlikTech is trying to pick my pocket every time I turn around and QlikTech s licensing is so confusing we won t even consider it! .

PCA is an independent consulting company not beholden to any specific tool, so we see it all and we provide an independent opinion and consulting services in the best interest of our clients, not the various tool companies want you to believe! (And yes, we have good relationships with all the tool companies, including QlikView).

If you can afford QlikView, and if QlikView s licensing model works for your company, then technically we believe QlikTech is possibly the best Data Visualization tool out there. Unfortunately for QlikTech, QlikView s licensing model is expensive and unfriendly, and many of our clients have opted for QlikView Alternative Data Visualization tools for those reasons.

In addition, QlikView can be challenging to scale to Big Data. Some of the other tools available below are potentially better at scaling to larger datasets, depending on your specific needs.

So what are the alternatives to QlikView? Several of the popular QlikView competitors are:

  • Tableau Software
  • Tibco Spotfire
  • Microsoft (using Excel, SSAS, PowerPivot and PowerView)
  • Visokio Omniscope
  • Custom build your dashboards yourself
  • Many others

Tableau and Spotfire are excellent tools. Their features vary, but generally compare competitively to QlikView features.

Tableau is also very scalable, overcoming many of QlikView s scalability challenges. In addition, Tableau is simpler to learn, and we ve found empirically that users will have created their first Dashboard more quickly in Tableau than in QlikView. Lastly, Tableau s licensing model is much more business-friendly.

Spotfire is much the same in features as Tableau.

Microsoft s tools are very good, but challenging in certain other areas they are not nearly as mature, but it s has advantages that the other DV tools don t have. Microsoft should always be considered as a QlikView alternative.

The bottom line on QlikView vs Tableau, Spotfire, Microsoft and other tools, is that there is no one best solution that fits the needs of every company each has benefits and drawbacks. For more information, and to help you with recommendations in an independant way, contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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