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Why Buy Coldwell Banker KF Real Estate Puerto Rico

Our Associates:

Working with our professional and trained associates would be the best buying decision you would make. Our associates are skilled and trained in all aspects of real estate under high ethical standards, while under the supervision of the broker owner and the operations manager. Coldwell Banker has a selective recruiting program and only recruits professional, ethical and real estate professionals with the highest standards in the industry. Our associates can assist and consult buyers on any type of property purchases including luxury homes and commercial properties. They have full knowledge of the market and while Puerto Rico offers limited accessibility to real estate data to both consumers and real estate professionals our associates will make every effort to meet your expectations in finding the right quality property for you.

Our Inventory:

All our company listings are exclusive listing only. Unlike many of the local salespeople who work open listing with no seller’s exclusivity leaving minimal representation to a sellers and buyers. Our firm only transact with Exclusive Listings Agreements with our entire inventory offering consumer quality a quality listing inventory to all buyers.

All listing have full title and legal deeds in place

All our listings have copies of seller’s deed & verifiable documents in file for review

Buyers do not waste their time looking through expired or non-existent properties

Our listings have been analyzed by our associates to make sure they are marketable and will have no discrepancies that will affect the transaction up to the day of closing

Your escrow deposits will not be held up on a unmarketable property or legalities affecting the sale of the property holding up your escrow funds

Buyers are assure they are dealing with a serious seller/s

Your contracts and offers will be presented in a timely matter and directed to the seller/s for consideration and review

We return phone calls and communications to all buyers soliciting our listings

Coldwell Banker KF Real Estate has the best buyer’s selection of quality listings

Please use our Quick Search box to look for properties in the area you are interested in Puerto Rico. If you do not find a property in the area you are looking at please contact us to assist you. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the property that fits your needs feel free to contact us. We offer a free Buyers Consultation with a Buyers Satisfaction Guarantee of the services we will offer for you buying properties in Puerto Rico.

Click on Contact Us fill it out and we will get back to you. Or you may contact our office at 787-433-0077.

Important buyer’s Information

Once you found the quality property you were looking for or have an idea of what exactly you want to buy you can contact our office for further assistance. What you will need to consider will be the next steps in making your final buying decision. That would be obtaining financing and selecting a Public Notary to coordinate and execute the closing of your property.

We can assist in this process. We have a concierge page on our web site that can assist you in obtaining a financing or banking institute that can pre-qualify you for a home loan, luxury home purchase or commercial real estate financing. If you do not find what you are looking for in our concierge page you can contact us for assistance. All buyer/s should be qualified prior to searching for a property.

In Puerto Rico all closings must be conducted by an attorney who is certified and registered as a Notary Public by the Common Wealth of Puerto Rico. Our team can execute all sale and purchase contracts on a qualified buyer/s behalf towards one of our quality listings or another property listed with another real estate firm. The real estate brokerage is the only one who can hold buyer/s escrow money towards the purchase of a property but the Notary Public (Attorney) is the only one who can conduct and close the purchase and sale of a property in Puerto Rico. The Notary Public is also the only individual in the transaction that can create a deeded title and abstract for both buyer/s and seller/s. The Public Notary has the ethical duty to disclose any encroachments, clouds on title or discrepancies and legalities that would affect a buyer/s or seller/s after or before the closing date of the transaction. The buyer/s traditionally is the party that selects the attorney. For further information you may contact us or visit our concierge page for qualified professionals who offer buyer services.

Doing Business in Puerto Rico

Many of our buyers are typically out of Puerto Rico mostly from the US mainland, Canada, Spain and South America. These are residential and luxury home buyers. Some are investors looking to invest in the Caribbean and wish to be centralizing inside the Caribbean. Puerto Rico for centuries was the central port of call for all the Caribbean. It offers many incentives and opportunities for residential, luxury and commercial real estate buyers. We have supplied those buyers and investors the Pamphlet on buying and investing in real estate while doing business in Puerto Rico. This is an educational pamphlet issued by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and made for consumer use. It is packed with great information and guidance. To receive this free Pamphlet please click on Contact Us and fill out the form submit it for a request to send you the booklet via e-mail or call our office for the free booklet.

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