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Property rental Vienna

Types of homes:

There are a range of homes in Vienna from which to choose: from charming historic buildings to modern homes and urban apartments. If you are seeking a rental property in a central district, you will compete with students and tourists staying for days at a time. The districts of Josefstadt (8th district) and Leopoldstadt (2nd district) are some of the closest residential districts to the city center. The 8th district, Josefstadt, has many foreigners and students around the University of Vienna. The second district, Leopoldstadt, is attractive for its large park, well-known ferris wheel and close proximity to the city center.

Rental Costs:


The rental market for apartments is highly regulated and intricate but favours tenants in Austria. The Landlord and Tenant Act (Mietrechtsgesetz) covers conditions such as minimum notice periods and sets rents for rental apartments according to the facilities and furnishings provided. Rents for single family homes are not generally covered by the Act.

Our Rental Service:

For the best selection of rental properties in Vienna . we recommend working with a real estate agency. Property listings can be sparse in Vienna and they can be difficult or confusing to navigate alone. When you use a real estate agency like At Home, you’ll visit advertised and unadvertised luxury and high-end homes from our database and you won’t lose valuable time visiting homes that don’t meet your needs. You will be rewarded with a high standard of living, museums and world-famous cafes sprinkled throughout the city.

When At Home Network receives a rental inquiry, we respond immediately in order to learn your budget, desired number of rooms and required furnishings. We then select and forward to you properties that meet your requirements and desires. We pride ourselves on being more than a renting and buying agency. We will advise you on neighbourhoods, schools and life in Vienna. We will schedule and take you to all of your home visits and make sure that all of your questions are answered.

Quality Guaranteed:

At Home can find homes that meet a range of requirements and budgets. At Home Network never falters, however, in our promise to provide the best quality, in the best areas and with top-notch service that meets your needs.

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