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“Can optimize your code much faster than the fastest and smartest developer.”

“Worth a close look by any serious Visual Basic programmer.”

What the users say

“It definitely is worth acquiring this piece of software if Visual Basic is your tool for development. The various options available caters for just about every possible query one could have regarding the VB source.”

Danie Odendaal, Microsoft

“The dollars spent have already paid themselves back. What your program did in less than 17 minutes would have taken me well over 200 hours. I used the time saved to add comments and do further optimizing of the code (original exe was about 1.2 meg, now it is only 700k).”

“I am now using the code surf HTML facility to publish all our development code to our intranet web site allowing all developers to see their own programming faults identified in RED. This has resulted in a flurry of emails and fixes between the developers with inevitable improvements being made. I think they’re all (including myself) a little embarrassed at having their coding inconsistencies there for all to see.”

Chris Barber, Isotrak Ltd.

“The Procedure Tree List made me register the program. Just this one feature of Project Analyzer has saved me many hours (and my client many dollars) of frustration in trying to understand a client’s VB program.”

“The program is just absolutely great. I did 575 pages of documentation yesterday, and it was totally painless. I just can’t say enough about what you have done here. Very, very good work.”

“I would normally take 1 month to document my software, now it takes me 1 day and I invoice for a month.”

“Already in two 1-hour sessions I have learned more, and identified more required fixes, than I would have done in a month by reading and exercising the code unaided.”

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Project Analyzer v10.2

Source code analyzer, optimizer and documenter for Visual Basic, VB.NET and VBA. Understand VB systems. Find flaws. Remove unused code. Create documents and diagrams.

Newest update: Analyze Office 2016 VBA with Project Analyzer VBA Plug. What’s new

Make your VB code shine!

Project Analyzer is a code review and quality control tool for Visual Basic and VBA. It does static code analysis by reading your VB code. Detect logic flaws by automated code review. Perform impact analysis before writing changes. Understand poorly documented legacy code. Reverse engineer existing VB projects into diagrams and documentation. Save costs and keep end-users happy by delivering high-quality VB applications with few errors.

Understand. Project Analyzer helps you understand the undocumented spaghetti code your colleagues wrote. Surf through a large project as hypertext and interactive call trees. View diagrams. Make sense of hopelessly complex monster projects and refactor them into modern systems.

Improve. Locate bad code, rotten logic, errors and omissions with automated code review. Detect and remove unused dead code. Save your precious time and have Project Analyzer autofix your code.

Maintain. To help maintenance, Project Analyzer lets you enforce coding standards and generate project documentation .

Cut costs and improve quality at the same time. Project Analyzer helps you cut costs by automating your efforts. By locating mistakes that are hard to catch by even seasoned developers, Project Analyzer helps you deliver less errors to users and improve customer satisfaction. Download an evaluation copy and see for yourself. Or order Project Analyzer right now!

Did you know?
Dead code can make up 30�40% of a project. Have you checked your projects lately?

Automated code review:

Detect dead code. Remove unused modules, procedures, variables, constants and controls. Decrease your .exe by up to 100s of kB. Dead code info
Optimize. Find inefficient code. Use faster syntax and optimal declarations.
Check logic. Loops don’t loop, conditions are unconditional, lines can’t be reached, constants are inaccurate, empty objects are referenced.
Detect errors. Find functionality problems, such as unimplemented events, questionable tab orders and missing error handling.
Enforce coding style. Apply design standards and make that spaghetti code readable again.
Standardize naming. Enforce naming conventions on variables, procedures and other objects. Pro, Ent
Avoid resource leaks. Ensure proper disposing of objects and API handles.
Find duplicate blocks. Spot duplicated code blocks, the results of copy paste coding. Ent
Ensure .NET compatibility. Review VB6 code for known VB.NET compatibility issues. Ent

Surf around in hypertext. Click objects to see their use and declarations. Locate code via the enhanced Find window. Copy syntax-formatted code to documents.

Cross-reference. Find locations of use for any programming object. View class instantiations, variable reads and writes, procedure calls etc. Analyze file dependencies and call sequences to understand the impact of changes. Cross-referencing is a technique that finds where each class, procedure or variable is being used and how.

Document your projects. Generate comprehensive documentation with reports including procedure list, variable list, control list, interface list and project dictionary. Print your source code in multiple columns with syntax highlighting. Export code as syntax highlighted PDF, HTML or RTF.
Print-out sample pdf Monochrome sample pdf

Create code manuals and source code web sites. Pro, Ent
Project web site

Analyze binary libraries. See how your code calls binary .dll. ocx and .exe libraries. Review the contents of DLL, COM and .NET assembly files referenced by your programs. Ent

Metrics. Monitor code quality with 184 metrics, such as lines of code, cyclomatic complexity, relative complexity, depth of nesting, comment density, length of names and object-oriented metrics. Compare projects and view project history. Ent

Std = Standard Edition. Pro = Pro Edition. Ent = Enterprise Edition.