Plumbing sold separately, and other funny real estate ads! #prince #edward #island #real #estate

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Plumbing sold separately, and other funny real estate ads!

Creativity is the key to most any advertising campaign, Realtors are no exception. Sometimes when trying to describe a property you simply have to be creative and come up with words that will catch the attention of the reader, sometimes it works better than others.

Plumbing sold separately. This phrase was used to promote a vandalized home in an ad on noting that the home had been stripped of it’s plumbing as reflected in the price of under $25,000.

Fixer-Upper. Generally meaning the previous occupants kicked in all the walls and smashed all the windows before vacating.

Handyman Special: This one was owned by a guy who did his own work, you will likely get electrocuted turning on the kitchen faucet. The light fixtures in the basement are all wired with extension cords and the electrical panel is in the shower.

Cozy: Cozy is another word for so small that you will have to shower while on the toilet, you can reach the refrigerator from the sofa in the living room.

Easy Access to Highway. This typically means that your children will be at risk of 18 wheelers careening off the road and crashing through the front door. The sound of dump trucks rolling by will overwhelm the volume capacity of your big screen television.

Close to Airport: Your radio will fail to pick up your favorite stations without the noise and chatter of Air Traffic Control blasting through, the supersonic jets taking off will likely strip the shingles from your rooftop.

Motivated Seller. I think the best example of this can be found in an ad where the forested hills of California are blazing behind the photograph of a house, with that subtitle. photo from .

At a loss for words: Not every advertising choice is a great one, sometimes the agent may be at a loss for words and just go with whatever pops into their head. Really, if you have any doubts please ask your broker before using words like PUKE!

Bungalow: See cozy; this is yet another modifier for something the size of a closet.

Lake View: This typically means that if you ascend to the rooftop and stand on your tip-toes you will catch a glimpse of the lake on the other side of the busy highway you have access to.

Buy a house, get a gun . here’s a novel idea in marketing! This broker will buy you a gun if you buy a house from him!

You have heard of bank owned. Here’s a twist!

Well; that will certainly get your attention, I guess if it had been owned by an extra-terrestrial that would have really turned some heads!

Sometimes the media will jump in and try to help the rest of the good people of America understand what it is we do a Realtor ; Some of them are just figuring out the basics!

Thanks; Ellen, we know you put a lot of research into this one!

Finally, one of my favorites. No matter what line of work you try to pursue, you will probably appreciate this one. Especially if you are own your own business or ever worked in real estate, no matter what we do we just can’t get rid of these pesky critters!

Many thanks to the good folks at and for permission to use the photos they have gathered.

Happy Fathers Day; I hope I made you laugh!