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The Best Plumbers in Baltimore, MD

Michael Son Baltimore is a family-operated, full-service plumbing and electrical company serving the Baltimore, MD area. Are you without electricity because of a power outage? Is your toilet backed up? Our licensed technicians promptly respond to any type of emergency. You can count on experienced contractors who are prepared and equipped to handle system plumber repairs and new installations of any kind.

Committed to Excellence
Our goal is to follow the highest of standards and provide speedy and reliable services. With more than 30 years of experience, our team goes above and beyond to fix your problem without any need for a follow-up. Our knowledgeable contractors not only make repairs, they also provide preventative maintenance to make sure that your systems are equipped for the long haul. If we think that your water heater or air conditioner, for example, is beyond repair, we always make great recommendations for a high-quality replacement.

Plumber Electrical Services
Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle residential and commercial repairs of any size.

Our plumbing division includes:
Drain Cleanings and Rooter Services
Sewer and Waterline Replacements
Toilet, Garbage Disposal and Water Heater Repairs

Our HVAC and electrical division performs:

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