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Overview of Our Hands-on Los Angeles Photography School

Review Of The LA Photography Program

In an era where photography is more accessible and ubiquitous than ever before, standing out in a market increasingly populated by hobbyists and amateurs is harder than ever. At the Academy’s photography school in Los Angeles, students are immersed in the practical study of photography, learning the essential technical skills while developing their aesthetic voices and putting together a business plan for life after the Academy.

One of the key aspects that separates the Academy from other top photography schools is the emphasis on learning by doing. Students do not only receive in-class instruction on the history and technical demands of the craft, but gain practical hands-on experience shooting in a variety of locations, studios, and genres, helping students to develop myriad skills that include mastering different lighting sources and shooting in a variety of styles. It is this project-based and challenging curriculum that places NYFA’s Los Angeles photography school amongst the best photography schools in the world.

Photography Courses LA

When enrolling in a photography course at the Academy’s Los Angeles Photography School, students can expect to take many of the following photography courses, depending on their particular photography program or workshop.

Introduction to Lighting

Photography Classes LA

Like other top photography schools, students interested in taking a photography program at the Academy are able to enroll at different dates throughout the year. A list of start dates can be viewed here .


Offered at the Academy’s Los Angeles and South Beach campuses, students interested in making a full-time commitment to photography can choose from one of the following photography degree programs.

Photography Workshops LA

For students who wish to study at our Photography School for a brief and intensive period, attending a photography workshop at the Academy is a perfect way to obtain a comprehensive introduction to the craft of photography.

Photography Programs LA

For students who wish to take a more in-depth approach to a photography program, our conservatory photography programs are a great way to explore in-depth the many facets of photography at the Academy’s photography school in Los Angeles.

Photography Faculty LA

One of the reasons that many consider the Academy to be the best photography school is the fact that the Academy’s photography faculty in Los Angeles is comprised of award-winning photographers who have worked across the spectrum of photographic genres and remain active as professional photographers. Some of our noteworthy instructors include the following.

Kean O’Brien: Kean O’Brien is an educator, artist, and community organizer living and working in Los Angeles. He teaches Photography and Media, holding an MFA degree from the California Institute of Arts and a BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago. O’Brien has served on the College Art Association Media Panels, is published in ISSUES #1 and #2, the International Performance Almanac for 2013 and 2014. and Wild Gender in 2014. He has exhibited at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archive, Waterloo Arts in Cleveland, Barnsdall Art Center in Hollywood, REDCAT in Los Angeles; SRISA Gallery in Italy; and has been awarded curatorial grants from the City of West Hollywood Arts Council and the Ronald Feldman Gallery NYC and Cal Arts.

Aaron Rapaport: Aaron Rapoport is an award-winning photographer with an uncommonly versatile range of styles. The chapters of his long career have included national advertising campaigns, unforgettable record covers, movie posters, magazine covers, and lifestyle photography. His work is based on a love of cinema, with high impact images that communicate and connect to the viewer.

Aaron attended Art Center College in Pasadena, but really started schooling as an apprentice to a unique Hollywood photographer with an unconventional style and personality that fused fun and enthusiasm with high-end imagery. His clients include Walmart, HGTV, Coca-Cola, FOX Broadcasting, Linksys, Bacardi, Seagrams, Dove, Unilever, American Heart Association and Frito-Lay, Unilever, and more.

As an instructor, Aaron is passionate about making a difference to young artists by imparting technical skills from a lifetime of experience — but more importantly, helping to spark a deep love for an old profession that never stops teaching those who practice hard and well.

Naomi White: Naomi White is a feminist, visual artist, and educator. Her work has been shown throughout North America and Europe, and is held in both public and private collections. White investigates themes of consumerism and identity construction in our camera-bound world, focusing on the transformative power of photography to affect identity and desire.

Educated in New York where she lived for many years, White recently returned to Los Angeles where she was born and raised.

Photography Alumni

Over the years, alumni of our Photography School in LA have gone on to have their work published in national magazines and win numerous awards.

Career Opportunities

After completing the Academy’s Photography School in Los Angeles, students have a wide option of photographic careers they can pursue, often at the same time. After attending one of the best photography schools, some of the positions, magazines, contests, and companies NYFA’s students have worked on or with include the following:

Fine Art Photographer

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