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Patient Information Management (BBA)

Plaza College’s Patient Information Management program prepares students for careers as medical record technicians, assistant health information managers, clinical assistants or phlebotomists. With access to experienced professors, whom are also seasoned professionals in the field, graduates embark from Plaza College fully capable of taking on the diverse responsibilities that come with working in the medical field.

Program Description

Patient Information Management is a Bachelor of Business Administration degree program consisting of health information technology, medical administrative and clinical processes, and liberal arts courses. With two defined tracks – (1) Phlebotomy or (2) Long Term Care – students can choose to study the clinical side of healthcare or the administrative side of healthcare.

*This is a course overview and should not be used for programming. For exact program requirements, please visit the College Catalog.


Bachelor of Business Administration

Health Information Technology

Health Information Systems and Technology

Legal Aspects of Health Information

Health Statistics for Quality Improvement

Health Information and Records Management

Health Care Reimbursement and Insurance

Health Care Data, Indices, and Registries

Introduction to Health Care Delivery Systems

Introduction to Organizational Resources for
Health Information Management

Health Information Professional Practice

System Technology and Applications

Presentation Technology and Techniques

Project Management Technology and Applications

Composition and Research


Developmental Psychology
Psychology for Healthcare

Psychology of Aging

Introduction to Social Gerontology

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Medical Administrative and Clinical

Clinical Procedures and Applications I

Medical Administrative Procedures

Basic ICD-CM Coding 1

Clinical Procedures and Applications II

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

Suggested Option Specializations

Option 1: Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy Laboratory Procedures

Basic Laboratory Technology

Phlebotomy Extended Externship

Life in the Later Years

Option 2: Long-Term Care and Gerontology

Trends and Perspectives in Gerontology

Managing Across the Continuum of Long-Term Care

Life in the Later Years

Coding for Long-Term Care

Documentation and Reimbursement for Long-Term Care

Accounting, Hit, or Management

Introduction to Accounting

Managing Across the Continuum of Long-Term Care

Financial Management in Health Care

Human Resources Management

Medical Office Practicum

Basic ICD-CM Coding II

Basic CPT Coding II

Medical Assisting Practicum

Financial Services

We are committed to providing a superior education at an affordable cost. Our Financial Services department is here to help you access any grants, scholarships, and/or loan programs you may be eligible for to fund your education.

Grant provided to low-income students based upon expected family contribution, cost of attendance, enrollment status, and whether or not the student attends for a full academic year

Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant

Grant for students with exceptional financial need based upon the application date, financial need, existing funding, and the policies of the financial aid office at Plaza College

Veterans Administration Education Benefits

For the most current information on Veterans Administration Educational Benefits, please visit

Veterans Administration GI Bill

For the most current information on Veterans Administration Educational Benefits, please visit

Federal Direct Loan

Two types of low-interest loans through the US Department of Education – subsidized (do not earn interest while student is in school) and unsubsidized (charged interest while student is in school)

Federal Direct Parent Loan (PLUS)

Unsubsidized loan program for parents of dependent students in which interest is charged while the student is in school and during grace and deferment periods

Yellow Ribbon Program

For the most current information on the Yellow Ribbon Program, please click here .

*These programs may be accessed by those who qualify. Our Financial Services department will help you navigate the eligibility process.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

Grant program for eligible NY residents at approved NY institutions that is based upon the student’s financial status, combined family NYS taxable income, the academic year in which first payment is received, and the type of postsecondary institution.

*These programs may be accessed by those who qualify. Our Financial Services department will help you navigate the eligibility process.

Student Resources

As a progressive, student-centered institution, we pride ourselves on our dedication to preserving and advancing academic progress. As such, Plaza offers a diverse range of programs and services to support student success.

Library Academic Resources Center

Provide research assistance, tutoring, supplemental instruction, writing consultations, and access to reference materials, periodicals, and electronic databases at no additional charge

Academic Personal Advisement

Each student is assigned an advisor who is available for academic and career planning consultation.

Assists students with enrollment verification, academic counseling and registration, personal advisement, and graduation preparation

Presents students with the opportunity to participate in extracurricular and academically related organizations like the Performing Arts Society and merit-based Honor Societies

Dedicated to assisting students and graduates with resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and finding meaningful employment opportunities

Program Costs & Disclosure

Accessing information about the tuition & fees, median debt, student outcomes and related occupations for this program is an important step in planning your education.

To view this information in the format designed by the Department of Education, please click here .

Program Costs (based on current charges for full-time students)

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On April 8, Plaza College students, faculty, staff, administrators, and guests gathered on the Commons for the college’s fourth Artists’ Café. Performances by members from throughout the college community included dancing, acting, poetry, and rap. Congratulations to all of the brilliant performers and authors as well as the amazing host and producer Dean [ ]

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