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Parish Nurse Ministry

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As faith community nurses (or parish nurses). these professionals are called and committed to the healing ministry of the church, helping meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the members. This ministry is grounded in the tradition of the church, to preach the kingdom of God and to heal (Luke 9:2). The faith community nurse program within a congregation also recognizes that the ministry of the church community is to proclaim God’s desire that we strive toward an abundant, healthful life.

Concordia s Parish Nurse Ministry program offers two educational preparation programs (foundations courses). Churches are encouraged to sponsor nurses and provide the program fee.

Program Requirements

  • Registered nurse with a current unencumbered license to practice in the state(s) in which one will practice in the role. There is no specific educational level requirement beyond the basic registered nurse preparation.
  • Commitment to the holistic concept of health care, including the spiritual dimension of healing and health
  • Good communication skills
  • Active involvement in a local faith community
  • Commitment to completion of the entire foundations preparation program
  • Lay and professional faith community leaders may complete the course in the role as “participant observers”. These situations will be reviewed on an individual basis.


The program brochure will not be available until 2018.

Updates on Parish Nursing Education

September 14, 2016

Dear Friends in Christ,

It has been many months since my last letter has gone out from the Parish Nurse Ministry Program. In this past year my responsibilities at the college have changed as I now serve as the chair of the nursing department. After twenty-seven years in the classroom setting, it is a real change! Throughout this last year, I have found it more difficult to serve as a FCN educator/administrator in the capacity that I believe is deserving to the new participants and program alumni.

Therefore, I have decided to take a sabbatical from my work in FCN education. The word sabbatical is most often used in education to reflect a year’s break from work for college professors – as a time to study, write or travel. It also means an extended absence in one’s career to fulfill a goal or take a career break. My goal is to take a break for one year to reflect upon where the program has been and then make some decisions about future opportunities. This decision did not come easily as I have prayed much and sought counsel from mentors. I am hopeful that we will offer a course in 2018.



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