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Feb 11 2018

Overseas Visitors Health Insurance – Health Cover, nib, cheapest health insurance in australia.#Cheapest #health #insurance #in #australia

Working Visa Health Cover

All IMAN products meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) visa requirements. Choose from a range of products that cater for singles, couples and families.

Our products provide:

  • Ambulance cover within Australia IMAN will cover you for transport by ambulance provided by, or under an arrangement with, a government approved ambulance service when medically necessary for admission to hospital, emergency treatment on-site, or inter-hospital transfer for emergency treatment.
  • Public and private hospital accommodation
  • Repatriation benefit You will receive full cover for repatriation if terminally ill to your country of origin or return of mortal remains once authorised by IMAN. You will also receive cover for repatriation if you suffer a substantial life altering illness or injury to your country of origin. All repatriations will be assessed by an independent medical arbiter appointed by IMAN.
  • Funeral benefit In the unfortunate situation that a person on your health cover policy was to pass away, you have the peace of mind knowing that IMAN will pay for the costs associated with returning mortal remains or ashes to the country of residence or the reasonable funeral and related costs if the body is buried or cremated at the place of death. Please note you must contact IMAN before funeral expenses can be arranged as waiting periods and exclusions apply.
  • Extras cover Out of hospital services like dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic, lenses, remedial massage, acupuncture and natural therapies.

(only available on Mid and Top cover)

A trusted provider

IMAN has over 30 years experience providing working visa health cover and is a proud subsidiary of nib Health Funds Limited.

Cheapest health insurance in australia

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