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Osoyoos City Guide

Welcome to Osoyoos. once full of rattlesnakes, now crawling with First Nations culture, protected plants and rare wildlife. A former crossroads of two historic fur trade routes, this tiny little border town is today a wine, wilderness and outdoor adventure destination. A dry, sunny climate makes Osoyoos fertile territory for growing peaches, pears, bananas, and other fruit. When the dust settles on a trip to Osoyoos, memories of the cultural richness of life carved from the Sonora Desert by people, plants and animals remain forever.

Osoyoos Hotels & Resorts

Take refuge in a hotel, motel or resort after a day of exploring the life that people, plants and wildlife have carved from the desert. Life in the desert is warm and cozy at a beach motel, lakeview hotel or vineyard resort and spa.

Osoyoos Attractions & Activities

Swim beaches, hike trails, ski mountains, and visit sites to learn how First Nations, vegetation and animals have made the desert home. Let loose at Rattlesnake Canyon, play with the Desert Railroad and learn Spotted Lake’s healing power.

Osoyoos Real Estate

Open the door to a life of outdoor activities in alpine meadows, grasslands, desert plateaus, fish-stocked mountain and warm valley lakes. The view is stunning from a mountain-view condo, waterfront home or a nearby vineyard apartment.

Osoyoos Events

Romance the Desert, celebrate the tomato or toast the grape at one of many Osoyoos events. Events at the Desert Cultural Centre, Nk’Mip Desert Centre and other venues celebrate the fruits of carving out a life in the Sonora Desert.

Osoyoos Classifieds

One scavenger’s junk is another’s treasure, so dig here for binoculars, hiking gear, sunglasses, and other stuff needed for life in the Great Basin Desert: it’s the next best thing to digging for gold at the nearby Mascot Gold Mine.

Osoyoos Business Directory

Make like a desert owl and burrow to find businesses selling everything from sand wedges to water bottles to biking gear and hiking boots. Begin the hunt and find all the supplies that are necessary for living well in the desert.