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Know Your Applicants!

Eliminating bad debt at the point of application requires capturing accurate data. The ONLINE Utility Exchange features powerful ID Verification capabilities that automatically determine if the SSN and name provided by the applicant match.

Prevent application fraud! With the ONLINE Utility Exchange, your organization can verify that each applicant has provided you with accurate information, saving you money.

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Objective Deposit Decisions

Do you know if your applicants will be able to pay their utility bills on time or even at all? If you’re not using the ONLINE Utility Exchange, your answer is likely “no.”

The ONLINE Utility Exchange report shows you, within seconds, what type of credit risk each applicant poses to your business. This allows you to make accurate, objective, credit-based deposit decisions on applicants every time.

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Why We’re #1

A large part of our success in eliminating your bad debt is due to our proprietary, national Exchange network. Designed to capture, track, and report payment history in real time as credit trade lines from our members, this network is comprised of utilities just like yours and was designed to eliminate your bad debt.

The Exchange Advantage creates a safety net that prevents customers from moving between service areas without paying you and your industry peers and helps you recover past-dues on the back end by capturing and updating debtor contact information in real time. Also, because your debt is mentioned every time that customer applies for utility service, the Exchange Advantage helps make the money owed to you the most important debt that customer has.

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Recover Your Money Now!

When all of your attempts to collect from debtors have failed, refer your accounts to ONLINE Collections. ONLINE has the technology and professional staff to locate and collect from those who have skipped owing you money. This means we can return more of the money debtors owe you quicker to ultimately reduce your bad debt.

Before any collection effort is made on your accounts, they are run against a database unlike any other in the collection industry. Imagine being able to update bad phone numbers and bad addresses with the correct information every time your debtor applies for utility service. At ONLINE, this is a reality. Every day our Utility Exchange updates hundreds of new addresses and phone numbers that are the most up-to-date information available. No other collection agency can offer this type of service to its customers.

With no hidden fees or startup costs, trying ONLINE Collections is RISK FREE!