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Repair your

Why is your online reputation so important?

  • 92% of people have said that discovering something negative about a contact through an online search would impact their perception (YouGov PLC)
  • 82% trust the first page rankings from search engine results (YouGov PLC)
  • 80% Of Employers Google you before Inviting you for an Interview (Huffington Post)
  • 89% of people research new contacts using an online search engine (YouGov PLC)

Your personal reputation search results

ReputationDefender helps individuals repair their online reputation, we recognise the need to improve and protect what you have worked so hard to create.

Your personal search results are your online calling card; they define what opinion people form of you within seconds. Clients, associates, prospective business partners, employees and your network are measuring you against what appears online. You can’t ignore it as it will only get worse over time, so you need to act now to make sure people form the right opinion of you and are not mislead by negative content.

By creating a framework of relevant content hosted on new and established assets, ReputationDefender will promote the material which will in turn limit the coverage and visibility of any harmful information.

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Your search results will ultimately influence people’s perception and their decisions about you.

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Key benefits of working with us

• Identify threats and conduct analysis on the search results
• Build a custom technological framework for the intervention
• Create supplementary materials to support interventions and displace negative information
• Support interventions by suggesting edits to client-owned websites
• Ongoing assessment, re-evaluation and modification based on the most current learning

• Push up positive material and suppress negative articles and sites
• Clear page 1 search results of negative articles and sites
• Implement a positive online presence
• Help generate referral traffic to positive sites.
• Protect future reputation by solidifying positive items now so they are more likely to withstand any future unwelcome material or articles.
• Protection of your legacy from unwanted attention.

Please see the table below for ORM packages for individuals

Choose your plan

  • Unique, professionally written content on your chosen topic(s) Content updates
  • Multimedia content favoured by search engines Media-rich updates (videos, images, PDFs, content)
  • A custom website designed to house campaign content Direct websites
  • Creation and population of high-authority social profiles Social assets
  • Social sharing of your website(s) to build trust Social signals
  • Exclusive web links to your site(s) to establish authority Backlinks (high tier)
  • Web links to your site(s) to establish authority Backlinks (regular tier)
  • Tailored biographical content to enhance your social presence Social bios
  • RepDef Lite

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