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Jul 8 2017

Online Rental Software DVD Videogame Shopping Cart Oscommerce E-commerce Rental Queue #car #rental #places

#online dvd rental
#With our rental software you can:

    Run a membership based rental store
  • Offer onetime pay per rentals
  • Offer products for sale

Membership Based Rental Queue Shopping Cart

This solution is geared towards DVD or Video Game rental stores wishing to offer an online rental service similar to or It plugs into the shopping cart that we use Magento and makes a complete rental store solution. Our solution is based on php/mysql which most web hosts support.

Onetime Pay Per Rental Shopping Cart

This is where people can rent an item without a membership (price is based on daily, weekly, or monthly pricing to rent the item) if you are interested in this type of a system please visit our onetime rental system software page by clicking here .

Our solution is ready to go out of the box. You will not need to buy additional software. This is a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs. There are many profitable ways to use the Sales Igniter Rental System. we will list some of these below our feature list.

The I.T. Web Experts rental shopping cart is the most feature rich rental system on the market, and is OPEN SOURCE meaning you can further customize your store after you buy it.

Admin Section

  • Management of customers and their rental plans
  • Creation and deletion of rental inventory
  • Batch print center for printing the shipping labels for that days rentals – labels can be generated in HTML or PDF format (Avery 5160 labels which you can print from most any printer)
  • Send rentals management (you can set the expected delivery date)
  • Ability to print individual movie labels in Avery 30323 format for each of your rentals with the title, barcode, actors, director, running time, and synopsis
  • Ability to create new rental plans and modify current ones (how many days the rental plan is, how many rentals are allowed out, and the cost)
  • Return rentals page with ability to add comments about each item, and also ability to return rentals by barcode number if you have a barcode scanner
  • Ability to view what each of your customers has rented or has in their queue
  • You can set products as rental products, purchase products, or both
  • Easy product management – update products description, pricing, tax class, image, etc.
  • New: Easy product updates via Excel tab delimited spreadsheets – update all your products at once
  • Handles taxes for products and rental plans
  • Put products on special and make more sales
  • Ability to adjust the rental ratio used to show the product availability status (Available Now, Short Wait, Long Wait, etc.)
  • Bar code system that automatically generates bar codes for each rental based on the tracking number you put in
  • Box/Season multi-disc sets – the ability to associate multi-discs with one main box set title, and add all the discs to the rental queue at once. Auto-generation of box/season set discs so you don’t have to enter disc 1, disc 2, disc 3 products one at a time
  • Customer Management – update customer contact info, or their rental plan from the admin
  • advanced rental inventory page that can update 250 products per page pricing and inventory, as well as more advanced product sorting
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Product image auto-sizing – you only have to upload a big image for your products, the smaller images are automatically created (and they look sharp, not pixilated like some E-commerce web sites)
  • Email template manager – customize the emails your customers get for signing up for an account, getting an order, etc.
  • Admin access levels – allow multiple people to update your web site by providing them access to different parts of your admin panel.
  • Multi-Language – We have the software running in English, however it is possible with some translation work to get the store working in other languages. May require 1 – 2 extra billed hours for install of your language pack if they use non-latin characters like Japanese and Korean, however Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, and German come installed. You will still need to translate though.
  • Customer Side

    • Custom signup process where customer can pick what rental plan they want
    • Rental queue management
    • Ability to upgrade or cancel membership
    • Member billing page showing the plan they are subscribed to and their next billing date
    • Sends customers emails when a rental is shipped to them or a rental is received
    • Rental queue displays what rentals they currently have out
    • Fun ways to browse – gives you the ability to setup movies in special categories in addition to their main category, like academy award winners, 1001 movies you must see before you die, staff favorites and more.
    • Top Rentals page
    • Products can be featured by category
    • Product reviews – customers can add their personal product reviews
    • Click to rate movies! – logged in customers can hover their mouse over movies and click to rate them
    • Ability to do a product search by category, keyword, price, and description
    • Featured Products Page
    • Coming Soon Products Page
    • Click actors/director on movie details page to search for other movies with that actor or director

      Marketing Features

      • Search Engine Optimization. Meta tags and URLs are search engine optimized for each product and product
      • Affiliate Program – setup affiliate web sites that get paid to send you customers. This increases your web site traffic and customers.
      • Coupons/Gift Certificates – ability to create coupons for a % of or $ off of a product or rental package. Ability to buy and email gift certificates
      • Newsletter Manager
      • How’d you hear about us? Referral Reports on where customers found your web site
      • Monthly Sales/Tax reports
      • Recover cart sales – a module that can help you contact customers that have items in their shopping carts but don’t place an order. Many times retrieves $1000s of dollars worth of sales
      • Article Manager – add web site articles to your web site for things like announcements, general interest articles, etc. great for SEO
      • Wishlist – customers can add items to their wishlist, then email the wishlist to their friends with the items on it they want.
      • Polls/Surveys – poll your customers and learn valuable information for your marketing campaigns, and add to their enjoyment of the web site

      Easy To Customize

      • Fast design configuration – a template manager has been installed so you can more quickly edit the site style and design all from one page template
      • Ability to set your custom shipping rates for purchased products using table rate, USPS, flat rate, etc.
      • Coupons/Gift Certificates – ability to create coupons for a % of or $ off of a product or rental package. Ability to buy and email gift certificates
      • Newsletter Manager
      • Information page manager – Makes informational pages like contact us, special offers, store policies pages easy to edit using the admin HTML editor tool, no HTML knowledge necessary
      • Shipping Modules – For selling regular products, you can use a variety of shipping modules including USPS, flat rate, zone rate, table rate, and UPS

      Payment Modules

      Our system has it’s own built in recurring billing system if you use a credit card processor like or usaepay. If you don’t yet have a credit card processor, we can refer you to a reputable company who can set up one for you within a few days.

      • – accept credit card payments on your web site
      • USAePay – accept credit card payments on your web site
      • PayPal Recurring Billing – Account will be created through PayPal recurring billing on checkout, For cancellation they can do it through PayPal or through the member billing section which will email the store owner that they wish to cancel their account.
      • Credit Card – stores your customers credit card numbers so you can process them manually through any credit card terminal.

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