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One Way Travel Insurance

Most travel insurances cover you for holidays in which you come back home afterwards, but not many cover you if you’re not returning home at the end of your journey. This can prove difficult for travellers who want to emigrate to Australia or New Zealand, Australians or New Zealanders returning home after their visit to Europe, or those who are taking up employment in any other part of the world. With our Travel Insurance, this is not a problem, as we know that you’ll need one way travel insurance all the way to your final destination, from a few days stopping over in Singapore to a 12 month overland journey through South America.

The main question we’re asked however is what happens if you get very ill and need emergency evacuation? In most circumstances our Medical Service, Speciality Assistance, will arrange for emergency repatriation to your final destination, subject to the appropriate geographical premium having been paid. So if you are travelling one way to Australia, you will be repatriated to Australia. There is however no specific reference to where you will get your medevac to, so on a case by case basis it may be more medically prudent to bring you back to your origin country.

The policy can run from a few days up to 18 months, and will expire at the end of the policy duration, or on arrival at your final destination, whichever is earlier. So if you’re going to Dunedin in New Zealand, it will expire when you reach Dunedin, not on your entry into New Zealand. And don’t forget, if you’re travelling slowly and you’re going to take longer getting there than you originally thought, you can extend your cover with us as well!

The True Traveller was originally a travel company, not an insurance company, and although we believe we’ve designed the best value insurance we possibly can, we understand that the price of insurance does put people off taking it out to start with. Our maxim is, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

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