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One-way rental of a good-sized cargo trailer?

Have you cleared all of U-Hauls weight/load calculations? I wanted to rent a car trailer from them to haul my 95 F150. I was going to use my 99 Dodge 2500 QC 4×4 V10 5 speed, with 1 ton factory suspension option. They told me that my Dodge wasn’t capable of hauling that much weight. Really, I said. They refused to rent to me.


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Cannot rent a u-haul trailer with a soft top Jeep either.

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Dan – NJ

They only have a handful of restrictions and they have most of them on their website:

– No towing with MY2010 and older Explorers (not officially published but widely reported on various forums like this one.)

– Tow vehicle weight must be greater than or equal to the loaded weight of the trailer for unbraked trailers and 80% of the loaded weight for braked trailers.

– Ball, mount, and hitch must be rated for at least the loaded weight of the trailer

– You must have a 4-way flat electrical connection

They would have actually let me pull the 6×12 trailer with my wife’s ’02 3.0 Escape, which I thought was pretty sketchy. I have pulled a 5×8 single-axle enclosed trailer weighing about 2000 lbs fully loaded with the Escape and the Escape certainly knew the trailer was back there when doing so. That’s about what that 6×12 trailer weighs empty. It would not be a fun tow to pull it when filled with the Escape since my guesstimate is that the weight will roughly double and put it a good 25% over the maximum tow rating.

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