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Petroleum Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars Consulting Services

SmartKoncept is The One Stop Total Solution Place for your Training, Manpower Development, Consulting and Procurement in the Petroleum Oil and Gas Industry.

Why Customers Prefer SmartKoncept Training Services

  • Practical Total Solution Center. SmartKoncept is a one stop Total Solution center for training and services for the petroleum industry. As a broad-spectrum training organization, SmartKoncept provides comprehensive training courses, practical workshops, interactive seminars programs, manpower development and consulting services, for most personnel, categories and departments in the Oil and gas industry. Our training and service offerings cover upstream exploration, production, leadership, human resources and office administration, health safety and environments, finance and economics, project management and accounts, public relations and communications, maintenance, engineering, and downstream processing. Also, we offer many introductory courses for non-industry personnel experts. Most of our programs combine formal lectures, workshops and practical field trips.
  • Services Close to the Customer with Global Presence. SmartKoncept is global Organization with regional centers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North and Latin America. We work to bring our services closer to our clients and provide them the flexibility they require.
  • Flexible Onsite/Offsite or Scheduled Training: We offer modern, flexible approach to training, delivering when and where suits you. We offer both scheduled, non-scheduled and customized, onsite/offsite Training courses and workshop programs for the convenience of our clients in the industry. We are well structured and committed to help you accomplish your goals. Our programs are flexible and delivered by team of internationally experienced experts in the Petroleum Oil and Gas Industry. You can choose from one-on-one customized on-site or in-house coaching, to group schedule workshops, seminars, training courses in any of our regional locations worldwide. We can design training and manpower development courses and deliver them inhouse, onsite at your location or remote regardless of location, time and size. Done with practical engaging approach that is focused on knowledge transfer within your setting.

Customer Feedback

“I wish to seize this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to SmartKoncept. SmartKoncept has improved tremendously over years. The resource people (consultants) are high standing in their chosen fields. Your Support staff, were wonderful. You are there and keep improving to remain at the top.

– Mgr Frontier Exploration

The training was so useful to us. We learnt a lot on exploration and production (upstream) side because it was the area where we didn’t have any knowledge. Also on the processing operations the knowledge that we get was so good and we can apply in our company to improve our operations. The instructor was so good, understandable and tried his level best to make sure that we have understand each and everything. Big up for him. For sure we appreciated for that.

– Tanzania Petroleum
Development Corporation TPDC

  • Experienced and Quality Manpower: We have a team of internationally experienced instructors, consultants and service personnel are seasoned Best Experienced Experts and leaders in the petroleum Industry (in each segment) to train, share knowledge and information so that SmartKoncept’s Clients become well informed, trained, qualified, competent to profitably, efficiently produce, position and deliver their products, services and solutions to satisfactorily meet the needs and expectations of their customers. We deliver, quality, uptodate knowledge and information… in … smart state of the art environment.
  • Guarantee of Customer Service with Satisfaction: From North America, to Europe, Africa and Middle East, our customer service is second to none. This is one of our unique speciality. From initial customer inquiry, to course registration, travel, visa and immigration, arrival and participation in your training, our experienced and friendly customer service personnel are never far away, lending a hand to our clients as may be required. Our training course, workshops, and interactive seminar centers combine modern state-of-the-art conference facilities, enabling participants to conduct their programs in a relaxed, and friendly environmental.
  • Commitment to growth and success of our Clients: Important as both process and products always are, our success nevertheless rests on the success of each of our clients. As such, our Clients, regardless of size and location, are treated as partners in the quest for growth and success. We are Cost effective, and result oriented for our customers success. We focus to help equip their Employees, their main asset, through training and manpower development with relevant knowledge required for them to efficiently perform. We also show them how to profitably use the asset to produce, position and get their products and services to own customers.
  • Our Clients include Addax Petroleum, Total, Agip, Shell, ExxonMobil, PEMEX, Ecopetrol, NNPC, Sonangol, PetroJam, QataGas, Mubadala, Harouge oil, NPA, NOCAL, Etc. See our Customers section for additional information.
  • At SmartKoncept, we keep our promises to our clients. We operate with Professional Integrity, Cultural sensitivity and respect, and Safe Practices, Condusive Environment and appropriate format and medium for delivery of services/solutions to Clients.
  • We offer several courses in upstream exploration and production training; downstream processing training; leadership, human resources and office administration training and manpower development; health safety and environments training and workshops; finance, accounts, taxation and Joint-venture JV operations trainings; Petroleum economics, risk analysis and project management trainings; public relations and communications workshops and seminars; maintenance engineering training courses and mineral processings courses. We offer courses for oil and gas professionals wishing to improve or refresh their skills and knowledge. Also, we offer many introductory training courses for non-experts, or those new to the Petroleum Oil and Gas Industry. Most of our programs combine formal lectures, workshops and practical field trips.

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    Trainings & courses available outside US:

    June 5 – 16, 2017.