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Ohio Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

For price and coverage details

Our health plans fall into three categories.

You would be responsible for paying 20% of the costs

* On average. The actual percentage you ll pay in total or per service will depend on the services you use during the year.

If you re healthy and don t go to the doctor often, you may want to choose a Bronze plan. With a Bronze plan, you may pay more out-of-pocket when you get care, but the advantage is that you save money on your monthly premium. Or you can choose one of the Gold plans, which may cost more per month but you ll pay a smaller share when you get covered health care services.

No one knows for sure what the next year holds. That s why all of these plans protect you from really high costs by paying 100% of your care above a certain amount that s called your out-of-pocket maximum. You ll be able to see the details of each plan level, once you start shopping and comparing our health insurance plans.

Anthem health insurance and insurance through your state s marketplace

If you re eligible for financial help from the government also called a subsidy you can only get that subsidy if you buy a plan on the health care marketplace.

While you re shopping for a plan on our website, you ll see our subsidy calculator. It will help you figure out if you re eligible for a subsidy. If you qualify for a subsidy based on your income and family size we ll help you get to the marketplace so you can take advantage of your subsidy.

If you re not eligible for a subsidy, you can buy your plan directly from us. It s easy and convenient and most applications take less than fifteen minutes to complete.

Other choices to consider

There are also other options in your area.

Catastrophic coverage. Some people can qualify to buy a catastrophic coverage health plan a plan that generally has a lower monthly payment and covers recommended preventive services. You can qualify to buy one of these plans if you re under 30 or if you have one of 14 hardship exemptions .

Dental coverage. Almost all of our health plans come with dental coverage for children under 18 years old. You may want to also add it for the other people on your plan. You ll see that choice when you start shopping. You can also look at other types of coverage you might like to add while you re at it.

Start shopping and comparing our health plans anytime. Just select shop now or go back to the main menu.

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