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Failure to Stop (Hit and Run)

Being involved in a car accident is stressful enough but when you re car is damaged, or someone gets injured it is even worse. If you also face criminal charges after an accident, you may wonder what else could go wrong.

Car accidents happen every day and everyday people are amazed at the impact they have. Even if the accident was not that serious, many people replay the scene in their minds until it becomes like a nightmare. The adrenaline surge that happens immediately following an accident can cause you to act irrationally and feel fine even if you are injured.

Perhaps you weren t aware that you are required by law to stop after an accident. Or maybe the stress of the accident had you not thinking clearly. You may have driven away not realizing that either car was damaged.

But under Ohio law, you are facing a criminal charge for failure to stop after an auto accident.

Whatever the case, we can help. Hit and Run accidents happen all the time and for a variety of reasons. We have defended many hit and run cases in Ohio and would like the opportunity to learn more about your case. As your defense lawyer, we only want to help you get the best outcome possible. We will work to get the criminal charges dismissed or reduced. And we are always prepared to take a criminal case to trial if necessary.

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Ohio Duty to Stop Laws

Under Ohio law you have a legal responsibility to stop after being involved in an accident. Regardless of the amount of damage, you have the legal obligation to stop and exchange information with the other driver or the police.

If the other driver is injured you must wait for law enforcement or other emergency personnel to arrive on the scene.

If the other vehicle is unattended you can leave the information attached to the vehicle in some manner.

When you fail to follow through on your duty to stop, you may be charged with failure to stop .

Ohio Failure To Stop Laws Penalties

In most circumstances, failure to stop is a 1 st Degree Misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and fines up to $500. However, if the accident resulted in serious injury of the other person, the charge is elevated to a 5 th Degree Felony and is punishable by 6-12 months in prison and up to $2,500 in fines.

In addition to jail time and fines you will face a suspension of your driver s license for a period no less than 6 months.

What Else Do I Need to Know About a Failure to Stop Hint and Run Offense?

It is important to note that your auto insurance company will not only find out about the accident but also about your criminal charges resulting from the accident. Your insurance rates will likely be increased or you may be dropped from your insurance altogether.

Facing penalties like these is not an easy thing. On top of dealing with vehicle damage and potential injuries you are looking at possible jail time in serious cases.

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