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Volcanoes Adventure

Discover Nicaragua & Costa Rica volcanoes: Telica, Cerro Negro, which last huge eruption w

Nicaraguan Trails will take pleasure in being part of your Nicaragua Dream Vacation! We have a verity of vacation packages for you to choose from, that have been carefully designed to make your vacation an unforgettable experience. If you want to design you own vacation itinerary, we will help you with our tailor made vacations will truly fulfill your vacation desires. Let us help you discover what Nicarauga has to offer.

We provide full service travel logistics to the individual traveler, couples and families, as well as for larger groups.

We offer an extensive choice in travel options from hotel reservations, to complete packages or special family packages and private transfers or car rental, a complete Nicaragua Vacation Experience. Our Best of Nicaragua Packages will show Nicaragua’s enormous cultural and natural diversity. You can enjoy the beaches of Nicaragua’s Pacific and Atlantic Coasts, or Corn Island in the Caribbean by choosing one of our Beach Vacation Packages. If adventure vacations are your goal, try one of our Nicaragua Adventure Tours or get really creative with one of our packages to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Along with the over 30 Vacation Packages that we offer, there are more than 135 daily tours that you can enjoy during your stay in Nicaragua. These tours include hiking on volcanoes, snorkeling or diving on Corn Island, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, tours of colonial cities and forts, mountain biking, nature tours, cultural tours, and the list goes on.

We are focused on sharing our passion of Nicaragua with each and every one of your visitor. By bringing together a team of talented people, uniting their knowledge of Nicaragua and a high level of personal attention.

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