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Jan 16 2020

Colgate palmolive stock

Colgate palmolive stock

Colgate palmolive <a target="_blank" title="stock" href="">stock</a>-Colgate palmolive <a target="_blank" title="stock" href="">stock</a>
Colgate palmolive stock-Investing commentary and insights tagged with CL, Colgate-Palmolive Co (NYSE:CL)

Colgate palmolive stock

Colgate-Palmolive Co (NYSE:CL)

Here are some asset classes to consider in the Trump era

2017: Where to invest

Studies show over-trading can hurt returns.

The perils of trading too often

When it comes to stock picking, I stick with the winners and cut loose the losers.

Here’s why I dumped Ford and bought Colgate Palmolive

Here’s a breakdown of my portfolio changes in October.

Why I sold Apple and bought Ecolab

This model takes that ‘fantasy’ portfolio and invests the top 10 of those holdings

Meet the Sustained Momentum model’s top 10 stocks

The portfolio might better be called the Stock Market Darwinism model as I seek only top dogs for inclusion.

Survival of the fittest is what this portfolio is all …

Rising jobless claims could threaten cyclical stock sectors. One contrary indicator, though, is that several Covestor managers recently bought retail stocks.

Jobless claims rise: Is that bad news for retail?

There is a backup list of screened stocks ready to be subbed into the Sustained Momentum model should any of the current investments start to falter.

Stocks are competing for inclusion in my model

Preserving assets was the goal in June, which led to swapping out more stocks than usual in a tough tape, says investment manager Bob Freedland.

Getting back my buy-and-hold mojo

PetSmart (PETM) remains strong as Americans resist cutting back their purchases for Fido during any recession.

These companies show fundamental and technical strength

Split Rock Private Trading discusses its move to consumer staples

Why consumer staples, and why right now – Split Rock …

Here’s what Chris Santiago likes about Kimberly-Clark and its stock.

Kimberly Clark: Better than Treasuries? (KMB, PG, CL)

Freedom to choose

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Colgate palmolive stock


Colgate palmolive stock Colgate palmolive stock Colgate palmolive stock Colgate palmolive stock

Colgate palmolive stock

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