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Mar 14 2020

Beyonce pop star

Beyonce pop star

Beyonce pop star-Beyonce pop star
Hire Beyonce Knowles the celebrity pop star for private performances and corporate events through Black Card Entertainment

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Hire Beyonce

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Beyoncé Knowles is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning singer who’s heralded for her powerful vocals, iconic music videos and stunning live performances. She rose to fame in the 1990s as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, an R&B group that remains one of the most successful girl groups in history. Beyonce released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love, in 2003. This critically acclaimed debut album sold millions of copies worldwide and won five Grammy Awards. It proved a watershed moment in Beyoncé’s journey to Hollywood stardom. At the 2010 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé received six honours; the most awards ever in a single night by a female artist. In 2011 she had made the Forbes Top 10 list of entertainments highest-earning women, and by 2013, Beyoncé had 13 Grammys. Beyonce broke all records once again on December 13th 2013. Her self-titled album, Beyoncé, sold nearly a million copies on the weekend that it was released. The album quickly rose to No.1 in the Billboard Charts and was Beyoncé’s fifth studio release to debut at No.1, making her the first women to achieve this feat. The following year, she picked up three additional Grammy Awards, including a best R&B performance for the critically acclaimed song, Drunk in Love.

FAQ about hiring Beyoncé

Hire Beyoncé for a private event

If you would like to book Beyoncé for a private function, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team today. They will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have. Ideas for private events A one-on-one singing lesson with Beyoncé
Meet Beyonce after a gig.
Beyoncé performs at your function
A Q&A session with Beyoncé

Book Beyoncé for your next function

Whether you want to impress a potential client, treat your employees, or give a loved one a gift they’ll never forget, booking Beyoncé for your event will guarantee you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Having Beyoncé perform at your Corporate Event is sure to enhance your company’s status.
Equally, if a loved one has a passion for singing, what better way to inspire them than a one-to-one singing lesson with Beyoncé. Here at Black Card, we offer an extensive range of incredible experiences. So, if you want to invigorate your corporate event, impress a potential client or give a loved one a birthday to remember, get in touch with our Customer Services Team today. To enquire about Beyonce’s availability, contact the Black Card Customer Services Team using the links below. Whatever the occasion, whatever the budget, our Customer Service Team will be on hand to give you advice and answer any questions you may have.

Hire Beyoncé for your event.

What could Beyoncé bring to your special occasion? If you hire Beyoncé for your function, there are numerous services she could potentially provide. Discussing the road to 23 Grammys
A private performance for your guests.
A singing workshop with Beyoncé
Beyoncé to chat about perseverance.
Beyoncé to meet and greet your guests

How much does it cost to hire Beyoncé?

There is no set fee when it comes to hiring a superstar performer like Beyonce. There is a huge variety of factors that can determine the cost of a performance by the singer at any event. You may be asked to state your budget before we can engage with managers of A-List performers and successful chart celebrities.
As well as the artist’s fee clients may have to budget for providing PA, lighting and staging as well as incidentals such as transport, accommodation and security. Black Card Entertainment can provide an event team to organise these details for you. I am ready to meet Beyonce

Please contact our team today to discuss your requirements.
Read more about booking a celebrity appearance through Black Card Entertainment.


Beyonce pop star


Beyonce pop star Beyonce pop star Beyonce pop star Beyonce pop star

Beyonce pop star

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