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Mar 11 2020

Celebrity news and gossip today

Celebrity news and gossip today

Celebrity <a target="_blank" title="news" href="">news</a> and gossip today-Celebrity <a target="_blank" title="news" href="">news</a> and gossip today
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She continues to plug her Inamorata line which has made her a $6M woman

Pumpkin wishes sister Honey Boo Boo a happy 14th birthday as she sweetly says they will ‘get through’

Mama June’s life has been spiraling out of control after a failed attempt at rehab in March and a subsequent drug arrest. The latest is she has sold her belongings to live in an RV with bad-boy boyfriend Geno Doak.







BRIAN VINER reviews ‘Welcome to Marwen’ and ‘Life Itself’ for this week’s film review, as well as giving his three lessons that the film industry must learn.

The Favourite is set in the early 18th century, in the corrupt and debauched court of England’s Queen Anne, gloriously played by Olivia Colman, while the War of the Spanish Succession rages on.

Emily Blunt’s nanny sounds more like Princess Margaret than Julie Andrews, but Dick Van Dyke’s cameo is as sweet as a spoonful of sugar: BRIAN VINER reviews Mary Poppins Returns

BRIAN VINER: Walt Disney’s 1964 film Mary Poppins won no fewer than five Academy Awards, not to mention the hearts of tens of millions who saw it then and in all the decades since.

In at the deep end! Superhero Aquaman strikes out on his own in a thrilling (if overlong) £150 million voyage to the bottom of the sea, writes BRIAN VINER

BRIAN VINER: Atlantis, too, is gorgeously realised. If Las Vegas remodelled by Donald Trump were plunged underwater, and we live in hope, this is what it might look like.

Practically perfect? Definitely not if you love the original, but see Mary Poppins Returns all the same just for Dick Van Dyke’s joyful contribution, writes BRIAN VINER

BRIAN VINER: Mary Poppins Returns is not a remake but a sequel, based like the 1964 classic on the books of PL Travers.

Today’s Showbiz Gallery

Today’s Showbiz Gallery

Brian Viner gives his take on the best movies of the week for the Daily Mail, including The Old Man & The Gun, Sorry to Bother You and White Boy Rick.

‘It’s a raw, complicated and, hopefully, compelling film,’ the 51-year-old actress said of Destroyer, in which she gives a gripping performance as an undercover drugs detective.

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Claire Foy reveals the secret to her ‘fabulous’ performance conveying Neil Armstrong’s wife, Janet

Claire Foy ordered us both non-alcoholic cocktails at Kettner’s in Soho but it took a while to drink them because every 20 seconds someone would stop to tell her how fabulous she was in First Man.

The cool black cop who conned the Klan! John Dav >

When John David Washington talked to Spike Lee about playing a black policeman in the KKK in Colorado, he thought something wasn’t right, WRITES BAZ BAMIGBOYE.

Olivia Colman embraces her role as ‘ugly, beautiful’ Queen Anne alongs >

Olivia Colman has absolutely no recollection of having studied Queen Anne at school. But she’s already generating palace-loads of Oscar and Bafta buzz in funny Film4 gem The Favourite.

BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron explains how he created Roma – a masterpiece from the wounds of his childhood

Film-maker Alfonso Cuaron (pictured) who made the colossal hits Gravity and Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban – has directed a new film, titled Roma, based on his childhood.

Judi Dench’s daughter follows in her footsteps by starring in Pack of Lies remake

Finty Williams will recreate a stage role made famous by her mother Judi Dench in a play which also starred her late father. The piece is layered with poignancy because the playwright died just two weeks ago.

My how they have changed. but do the Kardashians look better then or now?
  • 2008 10076 votes
  • 2018 5529 votes
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Wild Silence (Decca) There’s an appealing rawness to this debut. A male-female quartet with a folk-rock penchant, their harmonies will elicit comparisons with Fleetwood Mac, but the acoustic instrumentation looks more to country, with Fire And Water a lively hoedown and Burning Bridges a nostalgic ballad.


Fifty Shades Freed (Island) The final instalment of the film trilogy has yielded an uneven but entertaining soundtrack. It mixes new material from stars such as Sia and Dua Lipa with pop newcomers. The most intriguing inclusions come from emerging Californian singers Kiana Ledé, Sabrina Claudio and Julia Michaels, who steal the show.


Burning Cities (No Bad) Scottish punk pioneers The Skids show a real sense of urgency on this bracing comeback, their first album in 37 years. They race through the first ten songs without pausing for breath, slowing the pace only on the atmospheric closer Desert Dust. Singer Richard Jobson is a galvanising presence, while Bruce Watson wisely avoids trying to emulate the angular guitar sounds of the late Stuart Adamson. With the band now back on tour, this is a distinguished return


‘Our policy is to produce an authentic Chicago R&B sound,’ said the Stones to the BBC in 1963, and these early radio sessions are steeped in the blues. With Brian Jones on superb slide guitar, they tackle Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters, making On Air a distant cousin to last year’s Blue & Lonesome. The rough and ready originals also catch the ear, including Satisfaction and a forceful The Spider And The Fly. > ★★★★


Wembley Or Bust (Sony) Recorded at Wembley Stadium in June, this CD/ DVD celebrates ELO’s flawless blend of pop and classical. Rockaria has some suitably operatic flourishes, while the overblown 10538 Overture was the template for Oasis’s Be Here Now. Lynne is more of a craftsman than he is a showman, but it’s hard to resist the melodic sweep of Mr Blue Sky, Xanadu and the Traveling Wilburys’ Handle With Care.


Live In London (Gingerbread Man)

Mentored by Elton John and Ed Sheeran, the Irish singer-songwriter is in excellent voice on this solo show at London’s Union Chapel. He spends as much time talking as singing, but the simple setting suits his informal approach. He augments Van Morrison-like originals with piano and ukulele and adds rambling anecdotes to a cover of Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’> ★★★


Celebrity news and gossip today


Celebrity news and gossip today Celebrity news and gossip today Celebrity news and gossip today Celebrity news and gossip today

Celebrity news and gossip today

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