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Jan 13 2020

Cpr car donation


Cpr <a target="_blank" title="car donation" href="">car donation</a>-Cpr <a target="_blank" title="car donation" href="">car donation</a>
Cpr car donation-LifeTips offers free tips, advice and informational how-to guides on hundreds of subjects ranging from health and beauty to love and dating to cooking and gardening to job interviews and tax preparation. We hire freelance writers to craft well optimized web content for our industry leading sponsors.

Cpr car donation

Her love for words actually started as soon as she was able to hold a pencil; however, she didn’t start professionally until 2001, which was when she published her first poem in a book. From there, she continued poetry and greeting card writing. Around 2006, she started doing web content for a few clients and for various writing agencies. Within a short time, hundreds of her articles were . more.


She specializes in health, wellness, beauty, fashion and education. However, she’s written about a wide range of topics including welding, car maintenance, travel and law.

She enjoys cooking, baking, crocheting, singing, dancing and fashion.

University of Phoenix
7/1/2008 – 8/1/2010
Healthcare Administration, A.A in Healthcare Administration

Honors and Awards

Christine won a few poetry contests from, which resulted in her work being published in books.


CPR/First Aid
American Heart Association
Christine enrolled and completed a course to earn her CPR and first aid certifications that have given her knowledge on how to perform CPR and also how to tend to an emergency medical situation.

Diabetes Management Certification
Department of Public Welfare
Christine received her certification to assist patients with managing their diabetes. During the duration of this course, she learned to successfully administer diabetes drugs including injectable forms of insulin. She also learned how to manage diabetes in other ways not related to drug therapy.

Medication Administration Certification
Department of Public Welfare
This particular certification shows that Christine is compliant with the DPW’s standards to administer medication anywhere in the United States. Additionally, the certification process consisted of learning about various pharmaceuticals and medical procedures.

Projects by Industry

The material she has written and edited related to health stems from her experience working as a medical manager in a nursing home for many years. Her health related articles on featured on websites like, eHow Health and Angie’s List. She guest posts on various sites that publish healthcare content. She’s covered topics related to diabetes, rare diseases, prescription drugs, fitness and wound care, just to name a few. Additionally, she possesses numerous medical certifications, such as her medication administration certification.

Christine has written over 600 articles related to the field of bio/pharm. Her work on the subjects has appeared on top-ranked websites like LIVESTRONG and eHow Health. In addition, she’s been published on various other websites. Not to mention, currently she writes for a pharmaceutical company on a regular basis.

Christine took a few courses in nutrition during her college years. In addition, she worked with patients throughout her time in the medical field, in order to craft nutrition plans based on their health and nutritional needs. She even learned about disease management through diet from her firsthand experience. She had the opportunity to publish nutrition related work in the online magazine, LS Nutrition.

She has a flare for fashion and a keen eye for matching ensembles, and she absolutely loves to share her tips with other aspiring fashionistas. She writes at least two articles each month for The G.O.O.D.S Magazine regarding fashion, including celeb fashion. Additionally, she writes for a few fashion designers and for a men’s fashion website.

As a mother and stepmother, Christine has endured quite a lot and loves to share tips and techniques with others. She’s covered topics related to correcting a toddler to establishing a bond with a teen. She’s even had the opportunity to write about dealing with children with special needs and starting a family. Her work appears on eHow Family and on Yahoo. Not to mention, she has private clients that she’s continuously submitting work to about this topic.

As of 2012, Christine has worked for various entertainment and music magazines, where she published material related to the industry. On a regular basis, she creates material for one of her private clients on the subject, covering topics like musicians, actors and actresses. She’s especially skilled at creating biographies dealing with individuals from the entertainment industry.

From her experience as a mother and stepmother, Christine has had the opportunity to develop her skills at crafting. She enjoys crocheting and latch hook, and has had the chance to write about her hobbies. She has submitted crafting articles to various websites and magazines. Additionally, she has written how-to articles for private clients and

Christine volunteered as a teacher’s assist and a tutor for an elementary school, in addition to offering her hand to high schoolers. She’s done tutoring online for private clients, and she’s utilized this experience in her education writing. A few of her private clients request education related material on a regular basis.

Christine enjoys crocheting and dancing, both of which she has published work regarding. Most of the topics she covered were how-to types of articles; however, she has had the opportunity to write general overviews and guides on different hobbies types of hobbies, even if they weren’t hobbies that she partakes in.

Christine enjoys nature and outdoor recreational activities. Because of her stepchildren and son, she tries to be outside as much as possible. This has led her to writing about ideas for crafts and activities that deal with outdoors. She has two regular clients that she writes for in regards to this topic.

She regularly posts blogs poking fun at different songs. She creates numerous blogs and articles that are top 10 lists as well. Additionally, she writes for two hip-hop and R&B magazines, where she conducts interviews on rappers and other individuals in the music industry. She also publishes articles related to famous rappers and the latest news and trends in the industry.

Christine wrote how-to blogs on gardening for eHow related to caring for different types of trees and plants. Her work related to gardening also appears on Angie’s List, where she gave tips related to hiring professionals and do-it-yourself projects. Although she’s not an expert in the field, she has enjoyed planting her own garden in the past, and she enjoys researching about the subject.

She worked in a memory care unit for over six years. During which time, she acquired hands-on training and was educated first hand on topics like disease management, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and etc. She attended college in a associate’s degree program for healthcare administration. Her work appears on sites like LIVESTRONG, eHow Health and Angie’s List’s Health section, just to name a few.

Writing humorous projects is something Christine likes to do; however, she has not had many opportunities to do so. She has published humorous posts on her blogs and in hubs related to topics like sex, parenting and the English language. She loves laughing and making others laugh, so writing humorous material makes her smile.


Cpr car donation


Cpr car donation Cpr car donation Cpr car donation

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