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Feb 13 2020

Hurricane isaac projected path

Hurricane isaac projected path

Hurricane isaac projected path-Hurricane isaac projected path
Hurricane isaac projected path-Here are maps of Hurricane Florence's projected path, rainfall, and winds, including trackers to see the storm's current location on September 12.

Hurricane Florence Map: Projected Path & Tracker of Storm’s Location [Sept. 12]

  • Updated Sep 12, 2018 at 12:20pm

NOAA Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is slowly closing in on the southeastern U.S. coast. According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm is expected to be a “large and extremely dangerous hurricane” when it arrives. Read on to see maps and trackers of Hurricane Florence’s path, along with the storm’s projected path for the coming days. Hurricanes are a bit unpredictable at this stage, so stay tuned as details can change over time.

Live Hurricane Florence Interactive Map Tracker

You can track Hurricane Florence’s location via the Google Crisis Map hurricane tracker here. You can use this to track Hurricane Isaac and Helene too. You can also view an embedded version of the interactive map below. If the embedded map goes down, you can still see it on the link here.

Additional live maps can be found on and with NOAA here.

Hurricane Florence’s Projected Path

NOAA Florence Projected Path

First, here’s a map above from the National Hurricane Center showing a forecast cone and coastal watches and warnings. This map does not indicate the hurricane’s size, but it does show the hurricane’s current projected path. The hurricane appears to be currently expected to make landfall sometime between Thursday and Friday.

This next map may give you a better idea of when to first expect to feel the effects of the hurricane. This map shows the estimated arrival time of tropical storm force winds. The first effects are anticipated to be felt as early as Thursday morning.

Next is a different look at the hurricane’s projected path. Keep in mind that this map has an interactive component that you can view here.

The Navy has a tracking map for tropical storms too. This is the Navy’s tracking map, provided by ATCF – Naval Research Laboratory: Marine Meteorology Division:

Wind Projection Maps of Hurricane Florence

Next up are wind-speed probability maps. The first shows the probability of tropical storm force winds and the second map shows the probability of hurricane force winds.

Tropical Storm Winds

NOAA Hurricane Winds

Rainfall & Flooding Potential Maps

These next maps from NOAA show the rainfall potential (the first map), followed by flash flooding potential in the second map.

NOAA Rainfall potential

NOAA Flash flooding potential

Hurricane’s Location Coordinates & When States May Start Feeling the Storm

According to the National Hurricane Center’s 11 a.m. advisory on Wednesday, September 12, Florence was located at 29.8 N and 71.3 W, about 485 miles (785 km) southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina, and about 520 miles (840 km) east-southeast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The storm is moving northwest or 305 degrees at 15 mph.


Hurricane isaac projected path


Hurricane isaac projected path Hurricane isaac projected path Hurricane isaac projected path Hurricane isaac projected path

Hurricane isaac projected path

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