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Feb 9 2020

New world airport commission

New world airport commission

<a target="_blank" title="New" href="">New</a> world airport commission-<a target="_blank" title="New" href="">New</a> world airport commission
New world airport commission-Denver Airport conspiracy theories Some dare call it Conspiracy What THEY don’t want you to know! Backward masking Franklin Prophecy LUCIFER telescope

Denver Airport conspiracy theories

Some dare call it
What THEY don’t want
you to know!
  • Backward masking
  • Franklin Prophecy
  • LUCIFER telescope
  • Lunar anomalies
  • Malcolm Kendrick
  • Men in black
  • Monsanto
  • Number of the Beast
Sheeple wakers
  • Hal Turner
  • Jacqui Lambie
  • Judy Wood
  • Lance Welton
  • Shintaro Ishihara
  • Steve Bannon
  • Steve King
  • Tinfoil hat
  • Vigilant Citizen

Denver International Airport (DIA, also known by its IATA code “DEN” or ICAO code “KDEN”) has accreted a collection of conspiracy theories. These theories most commonly claim that DIA is a new, secret (?) headquarters or compound used by the Illuminati, New World Order, Neo-Nazis, or Repto >[1]

Why do those people think that the DIA is the new home of the New World Order? What could there be h >[note 1]

Nazi runways [ edit ]

Like many modern airports, the DIA consists of a central building complex surrounded by runways and connected to them with taxiways (see the picture on the left). This particular layout does allow for an extremely efficient configuration of planes to arrive and depart from the runways simultaneously without plane movements overlapping. The large distance between parallel runways provides more room around aircraft in bad weather, as Denver is well known for high winds and extremely unpredictable weather. It also allows for adding more parallel runways into the future.

Of course, if you have been primed to see sinister patterns in everything, the whole thing looks like a giant Nazi swastika. That is, if you ignore the fact that the shape has an extra arm and it’s not radially symmetrical. Well, you can judge for yourself how close is the resemblance, but most people think it’s more of a pinwheel shape. [2]

Why was Stapleton replaced? [ edit ]

It’s claimed that Denver’s Stapleton International Airport (SIA) was fine — yet Denver International was built with fewer runways, reducing Denver’s capacity.

Stapleton International Airport was originally built in 1929, then repeatedly expanded over 65 years. While it had 6 runways in total, they were in the configuration of two sets of three parallel runways. The two sets crossed each other, meaning that only three runways could be used at any one time, [note 2] while DIA’s 5 total runways do not cross and (in calm weather or light winds) can be used simultaneously. In addition, only three of Stapleton’s runways ran to 10,000 feet, just barely long enough for jets to take off in the thin air, [note 3] while DIA’s runways support the largest jets currently flying (12,000-16,000 feet). In rig >A380 (the largest commercial airliner) could non-stop fly from Denver to Beijing (PEK).

Stapleton was at capacity for gate space, airline traffic (terrible in bad weather), and could not add space without expanding into the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, a chemical weapons manufacturing center and, later, a Superfund site that would’ve required expensive decontamination. [4] Stapleton was also five miles from the Denver city center, and had been repeatedly sued for noise violations by a number of neighborhoods in the Northern Denver Metro area. Being this close also limited the size of buildings in downtown Denver to between 700′ and 715′ tall. DIA is set 25 miles from the city center and covers an area of 53 square miles, for expandability and to keep people from complaining about the noise. [3]

No protest notable of the “mainstream media” about the new airport ever happened. [5] The end of hideously long delays experienced at Stapleton in bad weather cured most people of the grumbling. It seems to be a figment of the conspiracy theorists’ minds.

Shattered windshields incident [ edit ]

Some claim that, in 2007, fourteen commercial aircraft spontaneously shattered windshields as the presumed result of electromagnetic pulses.

First, one must ignore what an electromagnetic pulse , or EMP, actually is and does. The pulses themselves can only affect electronic items, and cannot damage glass or plastic. The only way the glass shattering could be linked to an EMP is if the pulse was caused by a nuclear explosion, and the materials were hit by the blast/heat effects. If this happened, it would have turned the entire airport into radioactive slag, not just shatter a few windows.

The investigation concluded it was high winds, grit, and cold temperatures. [6] 9 of the 14 planes had just tried to take off or had just landed, 1 had taken off, and 4 were at the gate. Denver has high winds and an arid plateau climate with lots of rocks. Cracked windshields are also very common for cars in the Denver area as well.

“Underground facilities” [ edit ]

One of the most prevalent conspiracy theories regarding the Denver International Airport is that the airport was built to conceal massive, top-secret underground bunkers. There are multiple theories as to why these bunkers exist, including: the bunkers being a home for aliens; that the space will be used as a FEMA concentration camp in the future when the US government will kill its own citizens; and that the space is intended to be a fallout shelter for the wealthy and famous should the earth face some sort of apocalyptic disaster. [7]

Undoubtedly there is an incredible amount of space below the Denver Airport (approximately 470,000 square feet) [8] Conspiracy theorists propounding the FEMA Concentration Camp theory argue that this space serves no practical purpose—why excavate such a large area for no reason? They also point to the above-mentioned murals (which the majority of Denver Airport conspiracy theorists interpret as depicting a coming genoc >[9] as proof that something nefarious is afoot at the Airport. They then come to the conclusion that the underground facilities will be the scene of this mass genoc >[10]

According to the Denver Post, the space below the Denver Airport is a thriving workplace, that serves a very practical purpose, in which more than 1000 employees work every day. There are also two very long tunnels (about 7000 feet each) that are used to transport passengers’ luggage around the airport. Reporters from the paper were also given a tour of the underground facilities and reported back that nothing seemed to be amiss. [11]

In 2016, the Denver International Airport began to offer tours of its underground tunnels to the public. If the Airport’s underground facilities were actually the future home of a concentration camp or a nuclear fallout shelter, would the New World Order really be so bold as to offer tours to curious conspiracy theorists? [12]

The theory of the Denver Airport concealing a shelter for the world’s elite reached a more mainstream audience when the >[13]

Anti-conspiracy theorists would counter Ventura’s claims in two ways. The first being that, according to Dr. John Carlson, the Mayans never predicted that the world would end in 2012. The date of world’s presumed destruction (December 21st 2012) was a very important date on the Mayan calendar, but not a date that signaled any sort of impending disaster or global annihilation. [14] The second counter that anti-conspiracy theorists would make is that, in fact, the world d >[15]


New world airport commission


New world airport commission New world airport commission New world airport commission New world airport commission

New world airport commission

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