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Feb 4 2020

Home depot replacement windows

Home depot replacement windows

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Home depot replacement windows-I was lied to by the Home Depot sales representative. I told him that I wanted a bay window that would match the Bay Window in my Living Room.

Home Depot Windows and Doors Consumer Reviews

COCONUT CREEK, FLORIDA — I ordered high impact windows and accordion shutters from Home Depot and the first installation was July 2016. The shutters went in without an issue; however, the lower windows were mismeasured and could not be installed. The upper half-moon windows were installed but the installer broke the middle window when he tried to get it to fit with a rubber mallet. It took a month for the lower windows to be made again and they were installed in early September 2016. The replacement upper window wasn’t correct (window #2), as it was missing the inside framing and had to be made again.

A month later, October 2016, the new replacement came (new window #3) and the inside frame wasn’t correct again. Once again, it had to be remade. In December, the correct window (window #4) finally arrived and when the installer opened the box, the window was broken and could not be used.

It is now February. The window, without the frame (window #5), was delivered this week and is sitting on my dining room table, as the installer was “overbooked” and couldn’t install it. Somehow it was delivered without any outside frame around it and a new installer was supposed to go to PGT (the horrible manufacturer who can’t seem to make the window correctly) and get beads to install my window. He called yesterday to reschedule installation to today.

I contacted our project manager at Home Depot to see if it was actually going to be done today and was told that the documentation at Home Depot said installation was set for the day after tomorrow (news to me!) and that the product wasn’t even at the warehouse. I really regret not reading these reviews before ordering my windows from Home Depot, so lesson learned. I will never, ever order anything from Home Depot again and I can’t understand why the manufacturer of windows can’t get one simple window made properly.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Initially we were ok with the replacement of our windows with new vinyl windows. The installer did a poor job caulking around the trim and we had to mention it while he was here and fix it. It’s been 6 mos and the caulking has continued to shrink and change color which looks horrible since the windows are white and the caulk is now yellowish brown. There is also mold growing in some places. I have called four times, each time being promised by customer service that someone would call back right away.

To this date, no one called me back and I am super irritated. Their windows cost us over $24,000 and our house now has a problem that Home Depot created. With the rain we get here in Georgia, I do not appreciated paying that much to get leaky windows. Apparently they don’t care despite their alleged warranty. DO NOT make the same mistake by going with Home Depot.

LAKE ORION MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN — I was lied to by the Home Depot sales representative. I told him that I wanted a bay window that would match the Bay Window in my Living Room. Match means same color inside and outside, as all the windows in the house was white inside and out. Match means the same size window panes. Match means the outside and inside structure would be the same.

The Sales Rep cancelled our 3:00 pm appointment because he said. “he had been given a 2:30 pm appoint on the same Saturday.” He called us at 2:45 pm. I asked him to call us after he was through with his 2:30 pm appointment to set up an appointment for Sunday as he had to work. He never called and arrived during our dinner hour. The man I thought was writing down all the information I was giving him, plus he took many pictures of the window that he was going to reproduce. He measured everything, but never wrote it down as far as I can see. He had me sign a blank page that indicated my down payment.

I asked him what the new Bay Window will cost, and he said. “he would have check a few things and call me back on Monday, Monday Afternoon at the latest.” He never called on Monday or Tuesday. I finally got through a daisy chain of four corporate women that said “they have no authority as to this matter but will call another woman who called the sales representative to call me.”

After waiting 2 hours I went through the daisy chain again, and again received no call from the sales representative. It is the next day and through the daisy chain I was able to get a hold of the sales manager ** and was no help because of a very week spine. His position does not allow him to make any decisions or he is afraid to make any decisions. Meanwhile, the installing company came to check on the sales representative paperwork.

** was a very nice gentleman. and when I told him I wanted a duplicate of the living room bay window. size of window panes, exterior and interior white, the seat is to be insulated along with the sides and top. He took notes and many pictures. He stated “. that he did not trust the sales representative ” during our discussion about my frustration.

When the delivery and installing the bay window it was noted that a major part of the interior was birch instead of white. The window panes are smaller than the one to be copied. We lost four inches off the center window, which can be seen from the street. I wanted a balance, as both original windows we balanced from on the house and could be seen from the street. The outside of the new Bay Window is built in a colonial style that does not match the original Bay Window.

As of this date, the Home Depot window fogs up with high humidity (Four Times from July 19th. While all my other windows made by North Star did not fog up either time. I also asked the Home Depot Sales Rep.If they sell any other brand of windows that I could select from, and I was told “. that is my only choice, The Simonton Brand.”

When I went to Home Depot I was shown several brands including Anderson, which I would have chosen. The Presidents of Home Depot and Simonton will not talk to me. My only choice is to take them all to District Court #52 in Rochester, Mi. Which my attorney has already started. And do every possible to get the sales rep. and the sales manager fired.

DENVER, COLORADO — Contractor of Home depot finally complete installation of front door. I requested to everything to Home Depot include installation. Then my house had blackout from that night. I thought it was breaker down or electric panel broken so I called electrician to check. What a surprise, when they install the front door, they use long nail to hit electric tube inside drywall cause short for electric of my living room. It cost 850$ for fix so I took piece of paper proof why electric tube broken because of nail hit and I took pictures and go to Home Depot.

They (Mr. Supervisor of customer support of installation) insist “Electric tube cannot be close to door.” “Electric tube inside drywall should not be close to door that’s your house’ fault, Home Depot can nothing they can do.”

HOW COME I CAN CHECK ELECTRIC TUBE INSIDE THE DRYWALL. Electrician told me there is not illegal location or location was right place and even staple to the side of front door. There is enough space if they did not use long nail so there is no illegal location, no contract of installation said location of electric tube (actually location of electric tube is right place).

  • I paid $50 extra money for checking the house before installation.
  • Not illegal location no contract of installation told me location of electric tube.
  • Only reason they break it because using long nail and hit electric tube cause 2 days blackout.

Why I change the door? Why people buy the new door and install?
A. Because of there is no door for house? No!
B. Because of the door does not work for open and close? No!
C. Because new door has some new technology such as wireless network? same for 50 years!

Because we want house LOOKS BETTER. Now the cracking of drywall (they break it, but they insist there was almost crack before installation, so they don’t fix it. ugly!) with huge big hole with ugly electric tube inside for one week and no response from the supervisor.

I try not complain quality of the door installation was lower than average quality (lock seem loose, location of lock is not straight), cracked drywall because of the wall had hairline. Cost of installation was 1.5 to 2 times expensive than regular contractor. But long nail hit electric tube and make my house black out for 2 day and it cost $850 for fix it. It takes 4 days already with keep opening drywall because Home Depot inspector need to come to my house check 5 days!! And their response was “electric tube inside drywall should not be close to the door.”

Please tell me any customer convinced by this response and agree their response? “Oh sorry I should open drywall and checked the location of electric tube before requesting installation of front door.” I don’t think so. They think we do not have any knowledge about electric tube, so try to cheat us to convinced me with such a stupid excuse. We are very lucky electrician was at home and that was totally not truth. (This supervisor of Home Depot try to cheat me and avoid responsibility. His position call “supervisor of customer support of installation.”)

What I hear from them and their attitude and what I can hear is only: “HOME DEPOT DOES NOT CARE CUSTOMER”, “HOME DEPOT DOES NOT CARE CUSTOMER”, “HOME DEPOT DOES NOT CARE CUSTOMER”

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA — Last year we hired Home Depot to replace some windows in our home. It was supposed to be done before the end of December, but the man who came to measure them did it wrong. When the installers came to put the windows in, they didn’t fit. New windows had to be ordered, and the whole process was pushed back a couple of months. When the installers came again, we were the victims of the worst possible work. Naively, I thought they were Home Depot employees. I had no idea that they were subcontractors with their own “company.”

First, they smashed the windows out without taping them or doing anything to make sure the glass did not go all over our yard. All they had was a tarp one story or two stories below the windows to catch the glass. This was in the midst of a windy winter day. They used a reciprocating saw to cut the wooden frames of the windows out. In the process, they damaged our existing moulding. That was ignored. They got caulking on the floor and tracked it throughout our first floor. Again, that was left for us.

However, the worst part of the job did not immediately come to light, and that was the extreme amount of broken glass left all over our yard and driveway. We did not immediately realize the glass was there because there was snow on the ground. As the snow melted and our dog’s feet were cut, we recognized what we had been left with.
For two months we attempted to rid our yard of glass by picking it up as we saw it. The problem was that the area involved was extensive. Not only had the installers smashed out windows on two sides of our house, but they had drug the tarp covered with glass around the house and to the driveway. Glass was being dumped the entire time.

Finally, in early April I contacted Home Depot about the problem. They claimed to be very supportive of our situation. However, one of their resolutions was to send the same incompetent crew of window installers back to pick up the glass. We had already told them that a professional landscaper said the only way to clear the area of glass was to scrape it off and put in new sod. However, we were subjected to the people who caused the problem again being in our home.

They picked up glass for a couple of hours and came to tell my husband they were done. He walked out and promptly picked up another hand full of glass. When he showed them, they stayed for another ½ hour and left. No surprise, our yard is still full of glass. We were then told to get a professional to come out, evaluate the situation, and place a bid to resolve the problem. We had two companies come out. However, now that the bid for repair has been submitted, we are being jerked around again.

It has been over two weeks, and we are now told that it may take up to 90 days for their insurance company to approve repairs. That means that the bulk of the summer will be spent avoiding our yard because it is still dangerously glass covered. Plus, by the time they approve payment, it will be too late in the summer for sod to be put down. We will then be left with a huge area of exposed dirt once the glass filled sod is scraped off. The bottom line…We paid to have windows replaced. We trusted Home Depot to send us quality workmen. They sent us subcontractors who did a terrible job, and we are still dealing with the aftermath.

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO — On 4/6/10 I met with an associate about having blinds ordered and installed for 19 of our windows in our new-build home. We paid the $85 deposit for the installer and were given the sample book to take home and select our blinds. On 4/10/10 the installer had come over to our home to measure our windows for the blinds. He wasn’t the most professional, as our home is a new-build and we have new carpet. He kept his shoes on (and did not have any kind of shoe covers) as he walked through our home.

On 4/15/10 I went in to the Home Depot in Greenwood Village (store number 1509) and met with another associate in the window/blinds department. She had said that they were running a sale on their Bali Today blinds of 30% off. She had also said that they had some in stock in the color that we were looking for, however, that we would be better off ordering them from the manufacturer because they can cut the blinds more accurately. Originally, I had wanted to go with the real wood, but she assured me that the faux wood would have been better because that they were more fade-resistant in the Bali brand.

I also wanted to go with the cordless option, but she had told me that it was not available with the blind that I was selecting. So, after discussing these items with her, I opted to go with the Bali Today brand, in the faux wood, with the cords. She placed my order and said that it would take anywhere from 7 to 14 days for the blinds to be delivered to my home. She said that most of the time the blinds tend to €œ’trickle’€ in (they do not all come in one shipment), and that they typically start arriving in 5 days. I paid the full amount of $2,029.09, and awaited my blinds.

4/30/10: It has been two weeks + 1 day, and we still have not seen one single box arrive. An associate for Home Depot called me and informed me that my blinds were on back-order and that they would not be delivered for another 14 days. She said that they should be at my home by May 14th. She said that she was €œsorry€ and that was all that she could do.

5/14/10: It has been two weeks from the previous phone call, and we still have not seen one single box arrive. This time, I did not get a call from anyone at Home Depot. On 5/17/10 I sent an email to the CEO as I was extremely frustrated that it was over a month ago that I had ordered and paid for my blinds, and still did not have any product. I also submitted a complaint on Home Depot’s website, in hopes that someone would be able to find out what was going on with my order.

Around noon, I received a call from a corporate employee who informed me that she worked for the CEO and was responding to my email. She asked me if I had heard from the store manager. I told her no. She said that she had called him and asked him to call me in reference to the issue. She said that she would call him back again. 6:30 pm: the store manager called me and had also sent me an email requesting to speak with me about the blinds order.

I called him back shortly after receiving his voicemail. He was apologetic in the situation and had assured me that he was doing everything he could to locate my order. I expressed my frustration and how I was perplexed that my order was so difficult to locate. He said that he would do everything that he could to make sure that we get our blinds and that we were happy with the results. I discussed discounts/rebates/compensation for the inconvenience and the time and he said that he would like to make sure that we get the blinds first and that they are satisfactory, and then he would discuss any kind of monetary compensation after that point.

He said that he would call me back the following day before noon to let me know what had occurred. On 5/18/10 the store manager called me back around 11 am and had informed me that my blinds had been put on back-order due to some issues that they were having from the manufacturer and that they had to be shipped from China. He also stated that my blinds would not be arriving to my home until June 16th. He said that if I wanted to go with a different manufacturer, then he could see what kind of a time-frame we would be looking at for delivery.

I clearly stated to him that if I go with that option, then I would like either a comparable or better quality blind, that I do not want to pay any additional money for them, and that I would like them within a reasonable time-frame. By now, a reasonable time-frame to me was within 5-10 days. He agreed, and said that he would check with different manufacturers to see what he could come up with. He called me back around 2 pm and said that he could offer me a Levolor blind and that it could be delivered by June 4th.

I had asked him if that would be an additional charge (as I am aware that Levolor is a more expensive blind) and he told me “€œNo, it will not be an additional charge.” Not completely satisfied, I agreed to go with that option. He said that he would have his Install Expeditor call me. He also gave me her phone number. By about 3pm, I still had not heard from the expeditor, so I called her. She said that she had just spoken with the store manager about the issue (this was an hour after I had initially talked to the store manager).

She said that if I wanted to come in and pick out the color, then she could call the manufacturer to make sure that they were in stock, and we could order them. I agreed, and told her I could leave work and would be there in 30 minutes. 3:30 pm I met with the expeditor in the store, and selected a color in the Levolor blind. She called the manufacturer and they said that that color was on back-order. Becoming more frustrated, I agree to just take the sample book home and try to select another color that might be a good match to my home.

She told me that if I wanted to give her a call the next morning with my color selection, then she could get the order in. She said that if she placed the order before noon, then it would be processed that same day. I agreed that I would do that, and left with the sample book. On 5/19/10 I called the expeditor back (per our conversation the previous day) at 8:05 am. I left her a voice message with the three color selections that we had picked out and had asked her to call me back. After not hearing from her, I called her back again at 11 am.

She had stated the day before that if we got my order in before noon, then it would process that same day. I was trying to make sure that my order got in before noon. I left her another voice message. I also called the store manager at 11:50 am to find out if maybe his expeditor wasn’€™t in. I ended up having to leave him a voice message as well. At 1:20 pm, I went in to the store to return the color sample book. I still had not heard back from the expeditor. I went to the service desk to ask for her, and the associate behind the desk asked for my name. I told her, and she said, “Fœirst and last name€”? She said that she saw my file sitting on the expeditor’€™s desk.

This was frustrating because she had never called me back. The expeditor came up to the front desk, and said that she had not checked her voice messages. She had not checked her voice messages from 8 am until 1:20 pm? Why would she not check her voice messages when she had my file on her desk and was awaiting my call? I gave her the three color selections, and she called the Levolor office to make sure that they were not on back-order and that they had the colors in stock.

After about 10 minutes, she was able to confirm with them that our first color selection was in stock. She verified with them that it would take roughly fourteen days for them to be manufactured and delivered to me. She said that they would be delivered around June 4th. Still not 100% satisfied with the delivery time-frame, I elected to go with that option. I gave her the specifics of what I needed and left the store.

The store manager called me back at 2:40 pm to inform me that there was an issue with the pricing. He said that because we were going with the cordless option (which I had wanted in the first place, but was told it was not available with the type of Bali blind that I was ordering), he said that I would have to pay an additional $1,400 if I wanted to go with the cordless. This was completely contradictory to our previous conversations. I had told him that I did not want to pay any additional money. He was the one who had suggested the Levolor blind, but had assured me that there would not be any additional charges for the blinds themselves. He also did not mention any additional charges for any kind of upgrades. Not wanting to completely come unglued on the phone, I asked him if I could just call him back within an hour to figure out what I wanted to do next.

I called the store manager back at 3:40 pm and told him that I would just go with the corded option, as I did not want to pay Home Depot any more money. I also asked him if there was any way that he could expedite the shipping (as I’€™m fully aware that there is not anything that can be done about the time that it takes to manufacture and cut the blinds). He said that would most definitely look into that. Then he informed me that we had another pricing issue. He said that because I was going with the Levolor blind, that there was another $1,700 difference.

He said that he was only authorized for up to $1,000, and that he would either need to get approval from his corporate office for the additional $700, or I would have to pay for it. Again, I did not want to pay Home Depot any more money. So I asked him to go through his corporate office to get approval. He said that he could not guarantee that they would approve it, and if that were the case then we may have to just go back to the Bali order – the one that would not get to me until June 16th. He said that he had already sent in the request to his corporate office (to the same woman that I had spoken with), but did not have a phone number to call her.

I told him that I had the phone number, and gave the phone number to him. He told me that he would call her €œright now€ and then would call me back. He never called me back that day. On 5/20/10 at 7:46 am I sent the store manager an email asking what the status was on the approval that he had submitted. I also asked him to please reply to me via email, as I was going to be in and out of meetings during the following two days and did not want any information to get convoluted or lost in translation. At 9:10 am I received an email back from the store manager (he had also copied the corporate employee on this email).

I called the corporate employee at 1:55 pm (because I had not heard back from either one of them via email or via phone) to find out what the status was on the above email. She more or less had no idea what I was referring to. She said that the store manager would not have sent the request for compensation to her, but that it should have gone to someone else. I tried to explain to her that this was not a compensation issue, but was more of an order issue. She said that she would call him right now to find out what the status was, and would call me back.

She called me back at 2:15 pm with the store manager on the line and he told me that the overage was too excessive and that I would have to go with the Bali blind. That would mean that I would still have to wait until June 16th for delivery. And even then, he could not guarantee that date. He said that he could give me $500 back. I told him to just cancel my order and I want a full refund for my blind order and that I will never shop at Home Depot again. The corporate employee told me that it would take about 7 days for my credit card to be refunded. We’€™ll see if that takes another 4 weeks.

There are three issues here that I’€™m extremely upset about. First of all, I paid for a product (in full) that I never received. The estimated time frame kept on being pushed out, but no one bothered to let me know exactly what the issue was, or even looked in to it. Second was that the store manager made had offered me a product that he was not able to uphold/support. Third was that I wasted about another week’€™s worth of my time, only to be back at square one. Oh, and I still don’€™t have any blinds.

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO — This was THE worst experience I have ever had with a company! July 2013 I visited my local HD, and ordered a window to replace one in my basement that has rotted from the sprinkler. I tried to do this last year, and never got a response – should have taken that as a clue! I put $300+ as a down and waited for someone to come and measure. Met the measurement guy after taking time from work to do so. He said he would order it, be in in 5 weeks. I figured the window would be installed by end of August, and no problem with winter weather.

September 2013 I called and went into the store and said, “Where is my window?” They hemmed and hawed, and well, someone else will need to come and measure! I meet the guy once again, different person, and he measures. I complain that I already spent last fall trying to resolve this issue and used them with no response. Now when can I expect my window? He says by the end of October! OK and I should probably receive some sort of discount for this hold up. Cool.

Near end of October, I am supposed to have the window installed in the AM on a Saturday. It’s after 11 and no one is here! I call them. Well, the guy had decided to install someone else’s stuff first, and he will be here between 1 and 3. I say, let me talk to this person. I don’t want some Yahoo coming to put in a window last minute I think. I talk to him, tell him what was promised and that if he can’t make it by 2 then forget it! He shows up at 1. Nice man, seems to know his business and he gets the window out and it doesn’t FIT. I decline to take it. He can caulk it in, but with a three inch gap! No go. They will send someone to measure. HA!

End of October. Call and go to Home Depot once again. Well, they will send someone name of Steve out. He is handling all their customer service stuff for this ‘area’. Ends up he is in a northern Denver suburb! And he comes up on a Saturday to measure! He is sick with a cold. He tells me that Anderson doesn’t make a window this size! Hello? I have been trying to buy an Anderson window from them all this time, and he finally tells me that they don’t make it? 4 months later? This information was finally relayed to me after several phone calls from him and from me to Home Depot!

So, I say, “OK. I will go with a vinyl window with simulated wood look.” It’s a basement window and I ask Steve, “So when will I get my window? Before the snow flies? Before Christmas?” He assures me it will be done before Christmas. Well folks. I heard from them once again. They want to come out and show me what the wood vinyl will look like before they order it! They called me middle of December to say this. I say, “Well, so first off, I think I should know the cost of this window,” and he tells me it’s basically the same $1,300 I was paying for the Anderson wood window. No allowance for all this inconvenience. Nothing. Just suck it up.

I say “Fine. Cancel the ** order.” And here I sit 6 months and a year later. No window and now I have to go to the HD and get my money back for the down. What a ripoff. What poor customer service like there even is something called that in this store! Believe me. I will go to Lowe’s for everything from now on. The middle finger to Home Depot!

JENSEN BEACH, FLORIDA — I purchased 2 sliding doors from Home Depot at a cost of $3500 which included install. The contractor came to the house measured everything and the doors were ordered. 30 days later the door arrived and the installer came out to install. When he had 1 door in place, I noticed that the bottom track did not fit in as it should. The door track was 3 inches higher than the floor.

For the doors to fit properly, the concrete that the doors have to sit on has to be dug out. The contractor advised me that he does not do that type of work and if it was done then the top of the doors would have to be brought down as well, which the contractor does not do as well.

I went to Home Depot and advised the sales staff. They called the contractor and the install was stopped. The contractor had already discarded my original door so he had to leave the door with the bad track in place and unfinished. The placed duct tape around the door to keep the cold air from blowing in. (mind you it has been the coldest Dec on record in FL). He had also started some work on the other door which at this time looks really bad, but the original door is in place and working.

Home Depot said they would try and find something that would work on my doors. 2 days later after not hearing anything from Home Depot I called and went into the store. I spent 3 hours with the sales person trying to find a door that would meet the measurements. (According to the staff my door entryway is not standard.) Finally the sales staff and myself found something that would work. The doors worked out to $70 more than what I had really wanted. The new doors are not really what I want but it is all that could be found.

Home Depot was going to put together another sales receipt but couldn’t at the time because they could not remove the doors that did not fit from the bill until they were back in the store. The account manager said it would take a day and she would call. It was Christmas so I gave them 4 days, but no call, so I called back. The Account manager said that the installer wanted $1100 more for the install since it was a different type of door and Home Depot thinks I should pay that.

I told them at this time I have not agreed to the install because we cannot agree on a price. That the botched job was not my fault. Home Depot had the responsibility to make sure the correct product was delivered as I am not the expert in the field, and that I what I was paying them for. The account manager said she had to talk to her manager and would get back to me. That is how it is left at this time.

I have already paid for the doors with a Home Depot Credit card I got at the time of purchase. My doors look like **. There is no way they can reinstall the original doors as the contractor discarded the first. I have duct tape falling off the walls which was supposed to be my primary insulation around the doors. It will take another 30 days to get any new door to my house, which will make it 2 1/2 months since I first went into the store to order them.

I am not going to pay another $1100 or more for the install, and if that is what they want then I want my doors back the way they were. Unfortunately the installer threw away the original doors so the cannot be put back in. I am very unhappy with Home Depot. I have an appt with an attorney in the morning. I thought I could rely on Home Depot


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