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Mobile App Performance and Monitoring

Keeping up with the exploding number of mobile apps, operating systems and devices (e.g. smartphones, phablets and tablets) is a huge challenge for enterprises. Consumers expect fast and reliable app experiences more than ever, and anything less results in frustration and may even lead to churn. Overcoming performance issues and delivering an outstanding user experience requires a conscious effort throughout every stage of the application design and development process.

To meet these business goals, enterprise organizations must perform pre-production based performance testing in various network conditions, as well as post-production mobile app monitoring to get an early alert when the mobile service suffers from response time and availability degradations.

By employing the right mobility solutions, enterprise organizations can continue to optimize mobile application performance monitoring (APM), reduce MTTR in production environment and assure the best possible end-user experience.

Mobile Monitoring Challenges for the Enterprise

  • Identify and Eliminate Blind Spots – Receive early warnings around mobile app performance issues, such as response time and availability, before end-users encounter them.
  • Understand the Network Conditions Impact – Simulate various network conditions on real devices to assess the impact on mobile app performance.
  • Extend Existing ALM Tools – Leverage existing processes, tools and investments for mobile app testing .
  • Scale and Cover Newly Introduced Mobile Devices – Test against the latest mobile devices smartphones, phablets and tablets.
  • Rich Reporting for Fast Issue Resolution – Perform efficient triage of issues and reaching the root cause toward fast MTTR.
  • Capture End-user Experience – Mobile device monitoring to provide insights into what end-users are actually experiencing.

Perfecto Mobile Cloud Solution for APM

Perfecto offers a cloud-based, mobile enterprise APM solution that specifically addresses these key challenges. Based on the The CQ Lab. this end-to-end mobile quality solution enables enterprises to deploy their mobile applications with confidence for their end users.

The The CQ Lab enables organizations to conduct APM testing on a multitude of devices (smartphones, phablets and tablets) in a secured and governed environment. These devices can be accessed via a sharable Public cloud, dedicated Private cloud or a locally-deployed cloud within the organization’s LAN. At the end of each test execution, the platform generates screenshot and video based reports that can be stored as evidence for further compliance auditing.

For pre-production performance testing, the The CQ Lab provides network virtualization capabilities, as well as integrating with market- leading tools, such as HP LoadRunner, in order to measure the impact of load and different network conditions on the end-user experience.

The platform supports real-device monitoring in production environments, delivering critical insights into response time and availability of key business transactions. This lets you continuously measure native application performance using pre-defined KPIs, so you can know exactly what your customers are experiencing and correct potential issues before they affect your users.

Perfecto’s cross-platform testing tool easily integrates with the major ALM product suites in the market, including HP, IBM and Microsoft. This allows you extending your existing ALM suite to mobile with minimum hassle and investment. The CQ Lab seamlessly integrates with tools such as HP BSM and HP Performance Anywhere to provide top-notch mobile synthetic monitoring on real devices connected to real carrier networks around the globe.

Benefits of Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab

Instant-on, Always-on Lab

Cloud-based access gives you and your team the ability to perform functional testing anytime, from anywhere, which means increasing velocity and releasing better mobile apps.

Become Agile

Increase test automation coverage and benefit from earlier detection of functional and user experience issues. Extend testing across the entire SDLC – reduce release time from 3 weeks to 2 days.

Get Enterprise Grade Service

All devices, whether hosted privately or publicly, are managed in highly secure global data centers located worldwide. Our customers also benefit from dedicated on-boarding and support services.

Leverage Existing Tools

We integrate with the IDEs, test automation frameworks, and other tools you already use to develop apps, including Eclipse, UFT / QTP, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Appium and Selenium.

Test Every Digital Experience

Test web and mobile apps on multiple devices, browsers, networks, locations and OSs in the cloud. No emulators. No waiting. Test real-user conditions based on your user personas using Wind Tunnel.

Benefit from The Only Hybrid Cloud

Build your own centrally managed CQ Lab based on your requirements and budget. Private cloud, public cloud, device-in-hand, or private data center – the choice is yours.


Try Perfecto with absolutely no risk. After that, choose the deployment option and pricing plan that works best for your app development team.

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Perfecto mobilizes your brand by helping perfect the digital experiences that define it. Our complete, cloud-based lab helps enterprise teams deliver Continuous Quality for native apps and web using real devices in real end-user environments. We provide the deep, real-time insight you need to transform your business by strengthening every digital interaction and nurturing loyal, empowered users.

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