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Aug 23, 2012, 10:15 PM

I booked a ticket with MISA TRAVEL last Saturday, 18/08/2012, departing on 11/02/2013 from Singapore to Shanghai. I bought it 7 months earlier thinking that it would save me a sum because February is the Chinese New Year, with addition more seat inventories available.

Subsequently, MISA TRAVEL contacted me stating that there was a dispute with my name on the E-ticket and it would take a few days for MISA TRAVEL to resolve it with the relevant airline. (MISA TRAVEL s excuse was because it was NATAS and the relevant airline do not have time to entertain the dispute which I find it amusing because dont tell me that the airline has only a certain number of manning and that all of them all in NATAS?)

That said, MISA TRAVEL weblink was not precise in stating that I should include the full name in my passport. and one would think that the weblink is just a database to store customers bio for future reference. Also, the E-ticket has not been issued to me yet.

Further to that, I went into MISA TRAVEL booking system and realised that booking it a few days later, to be precise, on the 23 Aug 2012, a mere 5 days apart could result in me saving a good $100SGD (from $628.80SGD to $522.80), with all being the same (same flight time, same flight dates and same ticket class).

I quickly emailed MISA TRAVEL to express my disppointment but MISA TRAVEL absurb reply was that air tickets are that similiar of buying commodities and that airline tickets flactuate due to seat inventories variances and there is nothing they could do.

I would like to question on why airlines website prices do not flactuate as such except for periodical promotions? In addition I am booking the tickets way in advance and I do not understand that with other cancellations and such, ticket prices dropped so drastically so to pull in the customers for a 7 months more flight departure?

I am pondering on the business ethics of MISA TRAVEL, having increasing and decreasing the prices of the airtickets randomly with no promotions rolled out?

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