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Sep 18 2017

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Miramar Recycling Center

NEW! – All plastic tubs for food and non-hazardous household products are now accepted for recycling by the Miramar Recycling Center. Containers must be clean and contain no metal, food waste/trash and be separated from other recyclables. Styrofoam and clamshell plastic are not accepted.

The Miramar Recycling Center serves as a drop-off center for many recyclable materials. This includes large or bulky items that can be recycled but cannot go in either the black trash bin or the blue recycling bin.

Operated by Allan Co. Recycling, the center accepts four classes of recyclables:

  1. refunds for recycling: materials with refund and scrap value;
  2. “donation only” items;
  3. recycling fees for items banned from disposal in your trash or in the landfill (handling fee charged); and
  4. recycling fees for miscellaneous recyclables not accepted in the City’s curbside recycling program (handling fees charged).

Refunds for Recycling

The Miramar Recycling Center pays a California Redemption Value (CRV) refund for all aluminum, plastic, glass and steel beverage containers for which a CRV deposit was charged. Scrap value is paid for some types of metals, newspaper and cardboard (call for pricing).

“Donation Only” Items

Some recyclables that do not have refund or scrap value are accepted for donation (no payment or fee charged to the customer). “Donation only” items include:

  • TVs, computer monitors and computer processing units(CPUs);
  • non-CRV glass containers (clear, blue, brown and green);
  • non CRV and narrow neck plastic containers;
  • clean plastic tubs for food and non-hazardous household products (Must be free of metal, food waste, and trash);
  • non-CRV steel cans;
  • metals – ferrous (iron) metals like barbecues, wrought iron, etc.;
  • mixed paper; and
  • used residential cooking oil – maximum 30 quarts.

Recycling Fees

  1. The Miramar Recycling Center accepts (for a fee) the following items which are prohibited by local and California State law from trash disposal:
  • refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and other appliances that contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs);
    Fees (all customers)

$25.00 each

  • large household appliances (stoves, washers and dryers, hot water heaters, etc.);
    Fees (all customers)
    $12.00 each
  • The following miscellaneous recyclable materials can be recycled for a fee:
    Fees (all customers)
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