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Mass Mail Tools for Outlook

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The tools listed on this page are used for sending mail to multiple recipients, including mail merge. The utilities can be used for sending newsletter and other bulk mail and many can be configured to slowly send messages if your ISP limits the number of messages you can send in a time period.

While Microsoft Outlook supports mail merge. it does not support merging attachments with the message. You’ll need to either use one of the mail merge tools on this page (most support including attachments in the merged message) or use VBA.

I have Add attachments and set email fields during a mail merge to email. which adds attachments and sets other fields (like Importance) when the message is sent and Microsoft Word MVP Doug Robbins wrote the Mail Merge to E-mail with Attachments code sample using Word VBA to create a mail merge with attachments.

Additional pages of mail tools are listed under More Information .

Tools in the Spotlight

Easy Mail Merge for Outlook gives you the power to fully personalize email messages and quickly deliver individual emails to your contacts list, being the perfect solution for your mail merge needs, such as personalizing email newsletters, business announcements, marketing emails or any other emails that need to be customized and individually sent to a large number of people.

Create and send personalized individually addressed e-mail messages using an easy Wizard in Outlook – plain text, HTML or rich text. Your recipient list can be in Outlook, Exchange Global Address Lists, Excel or Access files. You can use Categories or Distribution Lists to keep mailing lists. You can even defer and batch send your emails to get around ISP restrictions. Outlook based solution for e-mail newsletters, business announcements and sales & marketing emails. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64bit).

Generate individual messages to Outlook contacts from documents designed in Word or Publisher, including messages in GIF format with image maps. Allows you to add attachments and generate a custom subject for each message using merged data. Does not trigger Outlook security prompts.

MergeTools Addin

Microsoft Word MVP Doug Robbins’ MergeTools addin adds a tab to Word’s ribbon, providing a more automated method of merging with attachments. It contains facilities for the following types of merge: A Many to One merge for combining data from multiple records in a data source where there is one key field – for example, creating invoices; Merging with a chart that is unique to each record in the data source; Merging to a document that contains Legacy FormFields; Merging to individual documents.

The Sperry Software Send Individually Add-In for Outlook sends email newsletters and other marketing to each of your recipients with just their name in the To field, similar to mail merge. It allows attachments to be on the email and it supports sending from different From accounts. Now reads Excel files directly, including CSV files. It also allows for using a BCC function so you can work with 3rd party CRM systems and, you can specify a different file in each row of your Excel spreadsheet and the add-in will find that file and attach it to just that recipient’s email.

Mass mail tool that expands Outlook distribution lists and sends an individual message to each member of the list. Can exclude certain names from the DL. Has some mail merge capability for inserting personalized text in the body of messages. Outlook 2000 or later.

Topalt Mail Merge for Outlook

Quickly send mass emails while retaining the individuality of each message. The specialized Outlook plugin button acts immediately to display only the individual receiver’s name when they get their mail.

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